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Information for prospective students.

Research Studentships

The list of studentships available at ILCC.

Undergraduate study in ILCC

ILCC is part of the School of Informatics and does not run its own undergraduate programmes.  If you are interested in the areas we study, the most relevant degrees are those involving Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science.  Please see the Informatics web pages below for more information.

School of Informatics website

Postgraduate study in ILCC

This page provides information for prospective postgrads that is specific to ILCC.  For general information about all postgraduate degrees in the School of Informatics, please see the Informatics web pages below.

Prospective MSc students

Students interested in the areas covered by researchers in ILCC should consider the following MSc specialist areas:

  • Cognitive Science
  • Agents, Knowledge and Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Music Informatics
  • Natural Language Processing

These can be pursued within the Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, or Cognitive Science MSc degree programmes. For further information about the MSc degree programmes and specialist areas, please see the Informatics web pages regarding MSc degree programmes. Note that the school of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences also runs an MSc in Speech and Language Processing  which may be more appropriate depending on your background and interests.

MSc degree programmes

MSc in Speech and Language Processing

Prospective PhD students

In ILCC, we are always looking for bright, enthusiastic students with strong backgrounds in one or more of the following areas: speech and language processing, maths, engineering, linguistics, informatics, computational linguistics, computer science or cognitive science. We encourage potential PhD students to first study for a master's degree, as this permits a year of in-depth exposure to the kinds of research you will be undertaking before embarking on a particular project. Potential students may be admitted directly to the PhD program if they have carried out prior postgraduate study, or in exceptional circumstances.

To get an idea of what a PhD in ILCC might do for your career, please take a look at our Alumni page.

ILCC Alumni

If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, you will need to identify a potential research topic and supervisor.  You may wish to pursue one of the PhD research topics suggested by members of ILCC, or to propose your own research topic.  If you choose the latter option, we advise consulting our research page, people page and individual staff web pages to find out more about staff research interests.  After narrowing down your possible research topics you may also wish to contact one or two potential supervisors directly to discuss the suitability of your research proposal.

PhD research topics suggested by members of ILCC

ILCC Research

ILCC People

General enquiries about studying for a PhD within ILCC may be made to the ILCC PhD Selectors. 

Email the ILCC PhD Selectors

For more information regarding the structure of the PhD programme, entry requirements, and application information, please consult the Informatics web pages below.