Allocation of duties process

The processes involved in allocation of duties.

Allocation Process

  1. The Head of School, in discussion with the Director of Teaching, decides what teaching and administrative duties are to be allocated in the forthcoming year and what student intake numbers to target.
  2. The Head of School, in discussion with the Director of Teaching and the individual concerned, decides whether any individual should be allocated an increased or reduced teaching or admin load in respect of an expected exceptional variance in research load.
  3. The Director and Deputy Director of Teaching quantify the "expected" load for each member of staff, essentially by dividing the various duties to which we are committed in the categories outlined by the number of available staff.
  4. Deputy School Administrator – Student Services, working on instruction from the Head of School, draws up a draft allocation of duties. The Director of Teaching will discuss the draft with individual members of staff, it is within these discussions that individual trade-offs may occur.
  5. The draft allocation is discussed and amended as necessary; the Head of School approves the final allocation.
  6. The default date for the handover of duties is 1 August. However, this date will not be appropriate in all circumstances so the incumbent and his/her successor should agree on the handover process, particularly for MSc-related activities. For instance, the incumbent may retain responsibility for the business of the outgoing academic year with his/her successor taking responsibility for the business of the incoming academic year. Non-standard agreements should be reported to the Head of School and any other relevant office holders.