School administration Information.


Informatics Travel Procedures


Informatics finance staff and procedures.

Allocation of duties

Informatics teaching staff are expected to commit to a specified number of annual administrative and teaching duties.

Building information

Information and documents relating to Informatics buildings.


Memberships, remits and papers for School Committees.


The Communications team are responsible for the School's internal and external comms, including online presence; marketing, recruitment and conversion; outreach and public engagement activities, and alumni relations.

GDPR guidelines

General Data Protection Regulations guidelines for Informatics Students and Staff

Human Resources

The Informatics HR team provide a full range of administrative support for staff recruitment and employment.

Institute Admin Support Services

The Institute Admin team are located in room 1.33, IF.

Research Data Management

The Research Data Management (RDM) team are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, primarily focusing on the management of data and information.


School of Informatics policies, procedures and guidance.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers are the first point of contact for staff seeking or receiving external funding in the School of Informatics.

Photographing and filming in Informatics

Legal requirements and guidelines regarding photographing and filming of events organised in the School of Informatics venues or by the School of Informatics staff/students.

Room bookings & events

Room booking information and guidance for staff.

School visual identity and logo

If you need to use the School of Informatics logo please ensure you have familiarised yourself with our visual identity guidelines. Please do not alter the existing logos and templates. If you need alterations or different formats, get in touch with the Communications Team first.

School Office

The School Office offers front-line support to the School's management. The School Office acts primarily as Head of School and Director of Professional Services support and also houses the Facilities team.

Strategy & planning

Information relating to the school's strategy and planning processes and policies.