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Examples of successful applications, workshop presentations and other hints and tips.

Most fellowships have annual deadlines so the one you are interested in may be too close or seem too far away. Don't underestimate the time needed to put together an excellent proposal - besides the research idea you will need to think about why that funder should fund you, why this work, why here and why now, and how you will demonstrate the necessary independence and achievement and how this fellowship will get you towards where you see yourself in the future.  

Dossier of Successful Applications A central repository of applications to various funders and schemes, maintained by the Research Support Office. However, the School of Informatics may have access to applications which are shared within the School only. Please ask your Portfolio Manager.
Fellowships Workshop 2023 (secured)

The Informatics Fellowships Workshop 2021 took place on Thursday 24th June. This workshop was targeted at early career researchers (10 years since PhD and less) and focussed on the schemes most relevant to them.

Director of Research The DoR should be aware of all major fellowship applications.
Demand Management Funders will occasionally limit the number of applications an institution may submit to a particular scheme and in these cases the University or College will instigate a selection process. It's not always clear from a funder website that such a condition exists so please be mindful of emails from the Director of Research as these will highlight any internal processes.