Internal Peer Review

Principal Investigators preparing an application for funding should arrange for internal peer review well before the planned submission date. Portfolio Managers will remind applicants that this should happen, copying to the relevant Director of Institute who can advise.

Internal peer review is an important part of the funding application process, and an expectation of most funders

  • Even where it isn't evident in the guidance notes, funders expect that we internally review our applications before submitting them.
  • If you aren't the lead on the application consider whether it may still benefit from local review or if the lead is covering it
  • Submitting an application which doesn't meet the funder specifications or is not of sufficient quality can affect the reputation of the University and can lead to demand management being imposed
  • Being an internal reviewer is useful experience so if you are asked and can make time, it can be beneficial for both parties

Sufficient time should be given for meaningful review and incorporation of feedback

  • It's hard to say how long review will take but contact your reviewer as early as possible to arrange a timetable
  • Don't forget that you can ask your Portfolio Manager for review of the administrative and financial sections - costs, resources and JoR, fit to scheme rules etc

Reviewer/s should be given and use the relevant review form, and be given details of the call, scheme or funder. Most funders have reviewer guidance, something any applicant should look at when writing their proposal. For example:

Portfolio managers will prompt the applicant to identify appropriate internal reviewer/s at earliest opportunity

  • Portfolio Managers will ask you at the first communication on your new grant application if you have considered who will provide internal peer review. This will be copied to your Director of Institute
  • The reviewer name/s are then required when you complete the internal ethics form for approval to submit (approval by DoI, usually delegated to the Portfolio Manager to arrange)

If the PI is unsure who the best reviewer would be, DoI will advise

  • Where the funder is new to Informatics, your Portfolio Manager may be able to direct you to possible reviewers outside the School
  • To see if there are any successful applicants to your funder/scheme who have allowed their proposal to be published, check here

As always, DoR must be consulted on Fellowship or large grants (e.g. Programme grants)

  • minimum notice for review of proposal 4 weeks before submission deadline. DoR should have been informed of the application beforehand (when considering the opportunity)