PPar Lunch Series 2014/15

PPar lunch series schedule for 2014/15




29 July 2015 Alan Bundy From Sequential to Parallel Algorithms  
22 July 2015 Mahesh Marina On the Role of Spectrum in the Evolution of Mobile Networks
15 July 2015 Richard Shillcock Some Philosophical and Psychological Aspects to Parallelism 
8 July 2015 Julian Bradfield Causality, Independence and Concurrency

24 June 2015

No Speaker PPar Lunch Deluxe: Networking Event  
17 June 2015 Michael Rovatsos Architectures for Social Computation
10 June 2015 Stephen Booth Auto-tuning for distributed memory FFTs
27 May 2015 Jane Hillston Formal modelling languages for performance evaluation   
20 May 2015 Daniel Holmes New thread support levels for hybrid programming with MPI endpoints
13 May 2015 Alan Gray Portable Performance across CPUs and GPUs with targetDP
6 May 2015 Kousha Etessami Algorithms for probabilistic basic parallel processes (Can these algorithms be parallelized nicely?)
29 April 2015 Charles Sutton Mining of (and Prediction From) Computer Programs
22 April 2015 Jacques Fleuriot Parallelism in Interactive Theorem Proving
15 April 2015 Paul Patras Proportional-fair Resource Allocation in Multi-rate Wi-Fi
8 April 2015 Gavin Pringle Lessons Learnt from Implementing a Mixed-Mode Wavefront Algorithm
1 April 2015 Bjoern Franke Commutativity Characterisation of Algorithmic Skeletons and Their Automated Detection in Sequential Legacy Codes
25 March 2015 Vijay Nagarajan Synchronization Detection
18 March 2015 Ajitha Rajan Software testing on GPGPUs
4 March 2015 James Cheney Composable Queries in F#
25 February 2015 Ilias Diakonikolas Distributed Statistical Estimation
18 February 2015 Rik Sarkar Sensing and learning on mobile devices
11 February 2015 Mark Bull MPI+X – Practical programming at the Exascale?
4 February 2015 Nigel Topham Many-core Embedded Systems for Energy-efficient Optical Wireless Communications
28 January 2015 Richard Mayr Techniques to solve computationally hard problems in automata theory
21 January 2015 Sam Lindley Session Types
14 January 2015 Myungjin Lee Bandwidth Guarantees for Predictable Datacenters

17 December 2014

No Speaker PPar Lunch Deluxe: Networking Event  
10 December 2014 Pavlos Petoumenos Iterative compilation 1.01
26 November 2014 Subramanian Ramamoorthy Parallelising and embedding decision theoretic algorithms – description of some research challenges
19 November 2014 Phil Wadler Propositions as Sessions
12 November 2014 Hugh Leather Measuring QoE of Interactive Workloads and Characterising Frequency Governors
5 November 2014 Stephen Booth Making parallel libraries more useful
29 October 2014 Taku Komura Relationship descriptors for character animation
15 October 2014 Boris Grot In-memory computing: Where are my microseconds going?
8 October 2014 Christophe Dubach Towards Performance Portability for Heterogeneous Systems (a Unified View of Algorithmic Choices and Hardware Optimisations)
1 October 2014 Murray Cole Patterns and parallelism
24 September 2014 Stratis Viglas Database paradigms for large-scale parallel data processing
17 September 2014 Alan Smaill Proofs as distributed processes