Affiliated Students

PhD students affiliated to CDT in Pervasive Parallelism

The CDT PPar Affiliate Scheme is aimed at students who prefer to undertake a 3-year Informatics PhD, without the additional MSc by Research year included in the CDT programme, but engage with the CDT in other ways.

Stefan Fehrenbach

I work on language-integrated data provenance and on compiling query languages to distributed, parallel execution.

Arpit Joshi

Arpit Joshi

Processor architectures and micro-architecture, cache coherence, memory systems, and interconnection networks.

Ludovica Luisa Vassat

Formal languages for stochastic models, Spatio-temporal logics, Model checking techniques, Spatial modelling in ecology.

Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu

My research expands the area of pervasive mobile sensing with techniques from robotics and machine learning to infer user contexts.

Mingcan Zhu

Memory systems for data centres, Processor architecture and micro-architecture.