Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee takes responsibility for strategic direction, leadership and the daily management and operations of the CDT in Pervasive Parallelism.

Prof Michael O’Boyle, Co-Director

Co-Director Prof Mike O’Boyle FBCS provides strategic research leadership and oversees pro-active engagement with industrial partners. O’Boyle is internationally known for his ground-breaking working in iterative and machine learning-based compilation, automating the design of optimising technology for heterogeneous many-cores. He is a founding member of the EU High Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilation Network of Excellence. He was the co-ordinator and PI of the highly successful EU project MilePost and has held 11 previous EPSRC grants. He has been awarded 2 fellowships and 5 international visiting positions, including a professorship at Stanford and an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship. He has served as the Director of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture and is currently the Director of the ARM Research Centre of Excellence.

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture

Prof Murray Cole, Co-Director

Co-Director Prof Murray Cole takes primary responsibility for the academic and administrative management of the Centre. Cole has acquired excellent management experience in over 20 years at the School of Informatics. He has acted as Director and Deputy Director of Teaching (with overall responsibility for the School’s 1000-strong taught student cohort). He is currently Director of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA). Cole’s research founded the study of ‘algorithmic skeletons’ as parallel program structuring mechanisms and has attracted over 1000 citations.

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (Director)

Dr Mark Bull, Deputy Director

Deputy Director Mark Bull represents Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) on the Exective Management Committee. His principal responsibilities at EPCC are in the areas of research and education. His research interests include parallel programming models, parallel algorithms and their implementation, performance analysis and benchmarking. He acts as EPCC’s representative on the OpenMP Architecture Review Board, and was lead editor for versions 2.5 and 3.0 of the OpenMP specification. In addition, he is a member of the team responsible for EPCC’s MSc in High Performance Computing.

EPCC Architect (Research and Training)

Prof Mark Parsons, Deputy Director

Deputy Director Prof Mark Parsons takes primary responsibility for liaison with application scientists and with the wider strategic research landscape. Parsons is the Executive Director (Research and Commercialisation) of Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, and also Associate Dean for e-Research at Edinburgh. He has previous experience as EPCC’s Commercial Director.

EPCC Executive Director (Research and Commercialisation)

Chair of High Performance Computing, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Ajitha Rajan, Deputy Director

Deputy Director Dr Ajitha Rajan focuses on our selection process. Her research interests are in the field of software engineering, where she strives to address challenges in software validation and verification. She is especially interested in defining quality metrics for cloud applications and GPU programs, automated test case generation, reduction and execution, machine learning applied to the test oracle problem, optimising energy consumed by software, and economic models for incremental software and software on the cloud.

Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (Member)


Neil Heatley, CDT Manager

As Manager of the three Centres for Doctoral Training in the School of Informatics, Neil is responsible for:

  • Providing advice and support to the members of the Management Team in relation to the CDT, line managing the CDT administrative staff
  • Managing and reporting on the Centre’s grant income and expenditure directly with College Finance Team and funding bodies
  • Ensuring continued liaison and strong links with the Informatics Graduate School and wider ISS team to ensure all governance/policy issues are followed
  • Supporting all areas of CDT student welfare
  • Liaising directly with the funding body EPSRC on Centre policy matters
  • Engaging with CDT administrators on ‘Best Practise’ issues and ideas

Head of Student Services, School of Informatics


Dr Lindsey Fox, IGS Manager

Dr Lindsey Fox

Lindsey is the manager of the Informatics Graduate School, of which all CDT students are a member. Lindsey is responsible for all matters relating to the administrative operation of the Graduate School. She also assists the Head of Informatics Student Services and Director of Informatics Graduate School with strategic priorities, policy development and decision making relating to PGR provision, including CDTs, and works in partnership with professional support services and other relevant stakeholders to ensure delivery of an effective student administrative service.

Informatics Graduate School Manager, School of Informatics


to be confirmed - CDT PPar Administrator

The CDT Administrator is responsible for:

  • Working alongside the Executive Management Committee, students and supervisors
  • Preparing documents for, and minuting meetings of, the Executive Management Committee and Steering Committee
  • Maintaining the CDT PPar websites
  • Assisting with publicity, student recruitment and the admissions process
  • Liaising with industry partners
  • Organising events, including the Industrial Engagement Events and Internal Conferences
  • Engaging with other CDT administrators on ‘Best Practise’ issues and ideas