Learn about the funding options available for our students.

There are two main sources of funding for CDT students:

School of Informatics Studentships

The School of Informatics provides funding for the fees and stipends of two students each year. All students (UK, EU and International) will be considered for these School-funded studentships, but they are very competitive.

EPSRC Studentships

The majority of our studentships are funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Because of constraints on Research Council funding, your eligibility for these studentships is determined by your fee status, as outlined just below. If you are unsure about your status, please check the University guidance: Tuition fee status.

  • UK and EU students who have been living in the UK for the last three years: Full funding (to cover fees and stipend) is available for UK and EU nationals who have been living in the UK for the three years prior to the programme start date.
  • UK and EU students who have not been living in the UK for the last three years: EPSRC funding will cover the fees, but not the stipends, of UK and EU students who have not been in the UK for the three years prior to the programme start date. Supervisors occasionally may have additional funding to cover the stipend, and applicants are advised to discuss this with their prospective supervisors during the application process.

All CDT applicants who are eligible for the School of Informatics and EPSRC studentships will be considered for these; there is no separate funding application. In the funding section of the application form, please indicate whether you have any means of supporting your studies from outside sources (including personal funds or scholarships) or whether you will require support in the form of a studentship.

Industry-Sponsored Studentships

Industry-sponsored studentships are funded by our industry partners. Students who are selected to work on these projects will receive funding and supervisory guidance from the sponsoring company, as well as from the CDT:

International Students

Students from outside the EU are welcome to apply to the CDT, but must be able to find additional funding from another source.

Our funding covers tuition fees only at the UK/EU level, rather than the higher non-EU (‘Overseas’) rate. The difference between the two fee levels can be found on the University website:

Non-EU students need to have a way to pay the difference between overseas fees and UK-EU fees. Typically this is via a scholarship from your country of origin, but in some cases your prospective supervisor may be able to help obtain funding; it is recommended that you discuss this with your prospective supervisor during the application process.

If you are able to provide your own funding, make sure to state this in the funding section of your application for the CDT programme. All applications will be subject to the same assessment of academic merit, irrespective of funding source.

Some other sources of funding are listed on the University and School of Informatics websites, but please note that several of these only provide funding for three years, whereas the structure of the CDT means that you will need such funding for four years: