PGR sick pay entitlements

Information about sick pay entitlements for PGR students

This policy relates to the payment of studentship stipends during periods of sickness absence covered by medical certification and applies to students who are in receipt of funding from an eligible source.  

Important things to note

Sick pay is to support periods of medically certified sickness only; PGR students have an annual leave entitlement of 8 weeks per year and annual leave should be used to provide periods of rest and recuperation whenever this required.  

Stipend payments covering a period of sickness absence will not normally be applied retrospectively.  Sick pay must be applied for at the time the sickness is occurring, and the medical certificate/evidence provided at the correct time.  Regardless of the date of issue of the medical certificate, if the dates of sickness are in the past, this would be considered a retrospective request. Only in very exceptional circumstances (e.g. inability to submit a request due to physical incapacitation) will a retrospective request be considered.  

If you are signed off sick and not well enough to conduct your PGR studies, then by default, you are not well enough to engage with any other University related study and/or work (e.g. taught courses and/or any teaching support duties you may be signed up to).    Even if you are in possession of a medical certificate signing you off from the PGR degree, if you deem yourself well enough to undertake any other University related study or work during that period, your PGR sick leave and any additional sick leave payments will be revoked.  (NB: Those who  are on a guaranteed hours teaching contact - refer to Section 7).

Sick leave cannot be provided where a student is not sick themselves and needs to be absent to care for a sick dependent. In this situation, you can request an unpaid interruption of studies through the usual process.

Sick leave also cannot be provided where a student has suffered from a bereavement, except where the bereavement has had a detrimental impact on the student’s health, as evidenced by an appropriate medical certificate.

Students who are in receipt of stipend payments are expected to return at the end of their approved absence period and complete their programme of study (and submit thesis) within their funded period.  The University is required to recover the value of maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption funding from students who decide not to return to study at the end of an approved paid absence period. 




Process approved by IGS Management Exec 28 April 2021, University policy approved with effect from 01 Aug 2022

Research Student Sick Leave Policy approved by University, 14 July 2022