Parental leave

Information for those who wish to take parental leave during their studies.

The University is committed to providing adjustments to students to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in their studies due to pregnancy or adoption of a child. Full guidance is set out in the Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy.

Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy

If you think you might require parental leave during your postgraduate research studies, the planning sheet below provides a useful starting point for things you will want to consider. You can discuss this with your supervisor or with the Informatics Graduate School team at any stage – in confidence - just email  


Whilst it is not compulsory to take an extended period of maternity leave (as some students may decide that they can effectively engage and continue with their studies whilst caring for their baby), by law, and in accordance with the University's Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy, students must take a minimum of two weeks’ maternity leave immediately after the birth of their child. This is to protect the student and the child's wellbeing and is known as Compulsory Maternity Leave.

We recommend you get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can ensure a good plan is in place for your pregnancy, parental/adoption leave and return to study. We will meet with you to talk through this planning sheet, and support you in researching any questions you have.


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