Year 2 contacts

Contact information for 2nd year lecturers and support staff

The Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO) provide continuing help and advice on all aspects of study in the school. You can contact members of the Student Support Team in person and online throughout the year.


ITO, Room 6.05, Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LE. 

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm, closing 12.30–1.30pm for lunch.


The following tables give individual contact points for specific questions. If you are not sure who to ask then go to the ITO first.

Area First point of contact
Overall Co-ordination of UG2 Courses Year Organiser: Rik Sarkar
Course Content Course Lecturers, as below and in the sortable list of courses
Confidential Enquiries & Student Support Your Personal Tutor, or via Informatics Teaching Organisation
Teaching Administration & General Enquiries Informatics Teaching Organisation
Computing, DICE and Informatics Labs Informatics Computing Support Help Desk
Student Support Team

Course lecturers

Course Lecturer
Informatics 2 - Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

John Longley 

Mary Cryan

Informatics 2 - Foundations of Data Science

Kobi Gai

David Sterratt

Informatics 2C: Introduction to Computer Systems

Boris Grot

Sam Ainsworth

Tobias Grosser

Vijay Nagarajan

Informatics 2 - Software Engineering and Professional Practice

Cristina Alexandru

Aurora Constantin

Informatics 2D: Reasoning and Agents

Alex Lascarides 

Petros Papapanagiotou

Discrete Mathematics and Probability

Heather Yorston

Vesselin Velichkov

Ian Stark