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Please note that year handbooks have been replaced by the new taught students website, which is the handbook for all students. 

If you are a first-year undergraduate student in the School of Informatics please use the link below to access relevant information.

Link to information for new UG1 on the new taught students' website

If you are a continuing undergraduate student (UG2, UG3, UG4 or UG5) please go to the information for continuing students

Link to information for continuing undergraduate students 

If you are an MSc student starting in 2023, please go to the information for Taught MSc students in 2023/24:

Taught MSc Handbook 2023/24

Information common to all UG and MSc students is found in the following section:

Link to information for all students on the new taught students' website

We appreciate your patience.

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For students

Student handbooks - Years: 2, 3, 4, 5. Taught MSc handbooks - 22-23. Information for new and external students.

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Teaching related committees including BoS, Recruitment Committee, Teaching Committee (secured) and SSLC.

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Teaching related regulations and policies.

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ITO administration pages.

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An A to Z list of all ITO pages.