INFConnect - Cohort Events

Information about INFConnect - cohort events

You should leave the University of Edinburgh with more than just a degree.  We want you to leave with a clear sense of where you want to go next in life: equipped with the skills you need to get there; and feeling that you have been part of a welcoming, academic community that has helped and encouraged you on your journey.  That's why the School of Informatics have developed INFConnect - a programme of events and opportunities that runs alongside your academic courses to:

  • help you to ‘join the dots’ - to bring together and make sense of what you are learning in your various courses – to see the big picture
  • equip you with study and transferable skills
  • help you to plan your career
  • encourage self-reflection and personal development
  • give you opportunities to connect with your peers and with Academic and Professional Services staff to ensure that you are well supported at every stage.

We run cohort events for all of the following groups of students: