Peer supported learning

We have a well-embedded provision for peer-supported learning through our InfPALS (Informatics Peer Assisted Learning and Support) and InfBASE schemes, as well as other group activities, such as our Programming Club.

For most learners, working cooperatively works better than working alone. It is a good idea to find other students to work with, as well as studying on your own. Our experience is that this is one of the best ways to become better at University-style learning.

To help you establish good working habits and to start building your network of learners the School of Informatics supports InfPALS,  InfBase and Programming Club. 

CompSoc and Hoppers are student-run societies with strong links to the School of Informatics. They provide opportunities to share and develop your computing skills in a supportive environment. 


InfPALS (Informatics Peer Assisted Learning Scheme) is a student-organised scheme for 1st year Informatics undergraduate students.  InfPALs helps you establish study groups to support your learning and helps you to develop better approaches to learning.  A group of 2nd and 3rd year students can guide you through difficulties with course material and help you to apply your knowledge in new situations to strengthen your understanding. InfPALS starts in week 3 of each semester in Appleton Tower.



 InfBase is a drop-in helpdesk for 1st and 2nd year Informatics undergraduate students to get additional tutoring and support with their specific course content.  The INFBase drop-in help desk is on Level 7 of Appleton Tower.


Programming Club

Programming club provides extra support for beginners and additional training for experienced students. It is a weekly two hour session led by demonstrators and teaching staff for students to gain more programming experience working together on fun projects and challenges in a relaxed setting. We are aiming to find the most helpful support for students in the early years. Please pop along or let the team know if you have any suggestions.

Programming Club


CompSoc (the University of Edinburgh Computing and Artificial Intelligence Society) is a student-run organisation with strong ties to the School of Informatics.  CompSoc aims to provide a social network for students with an interest in computers, encourage both novice and advanced computer users to further educate themselves and others and build relationships between students and professionals in the IT industry.



Hoppers is the official society for Gender Minorities in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.  Hoppers aims to cultivate an open community with the aim to provide a supportive and inclusive society where people are comfortable and build both technical and networking skills to thrive in the tech environment.