Taught MSc contacts

Contact information for Taught MSc students.

Who to contact?

Please spend a moment to identify the best person to contact. If you are unsure, please contact your Student Adviser.

Information on.. First point of contact...
Overall Co-Ordination of Masters Programmes Shay Cohen Deputy Director of Students (MSc)
Programme Director - MSc (Artificial Intelligence) Chris Lu
Programme Director - MSc (Design Informatics /Advanced Design Informatics) John Vines
Programme Director - MSc (Cognitive Science) Frank Keller (Acting)
Programme Director - MSc (Computer Science) Antonio Barbalace 
Programme Director - MSc (Cyber Security, Privacy & Trust) Myrto Arapinis
Programme Director - MSc (Data Science) Paolo Guagliardo
Programme Director - MSc Advanced Technology for Financial Computing Valerio Restocchi
Cohort Lead - MSc (Artificial Intelligence) Michel Gutmann, Kia Nazapour
Cohort Lead - MSc (Design Informatics /Advanced Design Informatics) Susan Lechelt 
Cohort Lead - MSc (Cognitive Science) Frank Mollica
Cohort Lead - MSc (Computer Science) Luo Mai
Cohort Lead - MSc (Cyber Security, Privacy & Trust) Myrto Arapinis
Cohort Lead - MSc (Data Science) Paolo Guagliardo 
Cohort Lead - MSc Advanced Technology for Financial Computing Felipe Costa Sperb 
Choice of courses Student handbook. If necessary, discuss with your Student Adviser or relevant Cohort Lead.
Specific Courses Course Lecturer(s), tutor, TA, or lab demonstrator. See the Sortable List of Courses 
Extension Requests See the School policy
Personal problems or guidance Your Student Adviser, assigned before your arrival. Also, the Advice Place offer independent advice on academic and personal issues.
Project and Dissertation MSc Projects Co-Ordinator: Christopher Lucas 
Teaching Administration and Course Related Enquiries Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO)
Computing Support Informatics Computing Support Contact Form
Feedback Course surveys and Student Reps
Student Advisers inf-sst@inf.ed.ac.uk
Disability & Learning Support, Careers support, Wellbeing services, Study skills University student support services