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Contact information for the Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO).

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Please direct all enquiries as follows:

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Telephone 0131 650 5194  

 ITO, Appleton Tower Room 6.05, Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LE

Opening hours Monday–Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm


The Teaching Organisation is part of the School's Student Services team.

Staff with a direct Teaching Organisation responsibility include:

Prof. Bjorn Franke, Director of Teaching

Gillian Bell, Teaching Organisation Manager

Vicky MacTaggart, Studentships & Teaching Support Manager

Toni Noble, Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager

Alexandra Welsh,  Teaching Support Administrator

Barbara Kulawik, Informatics Student Services Administrator

Karen Davidson, Student Support Officer (UG1, UG2 students)

Lisa Branney, Student Support Officer (UG3, UG4, UG5, Visiting Students)

Sophie Mills, Student Support Officer (PG Taught students)

Clare Anstock, Student Engagement Officer

Doug Mccorquodale, Student Engagement Officer

Kendal Reid, ITO Senior Secretary (UG1)

Kerrie Fernie, ITO Senior Secretary (UG2)

Ray Finlayson, ITO Senior Secretary (PGT)

Michaelle Bain, ITO Administrator (UG3)

Lori Anderson,  ITO Administrator (UG4/5)

Lindsay Seal,  ITO Administrator (PGT)


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