Joint AIAI and LFCS Seminar: Thursday, 27 October 2022 - David Snelling

Title: What’s with Quantum Compute at Fujitsu?



Informal in nature, I will overview the success we have had with our quantum-inspired Digital Annealer. The special purpose accelerator targets combinatorial optimization problems in drug discovery, logistics, etc., as well as a quite a surprising application of advanced technology. The system performs optimization through annealing a Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization polynomial (QUBO).  I will say what I can about our roadmap to quantum gate computing and how we are preparing ourselves and our customers for the quantum revolution. I will conclude with on snapshot of our Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies, a cross sector team targeting the pull through of technology to practical applications.



Dr. David Snelling received his Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Architecture from Manchester University in 1993. His undergraduate and masters degrees are from the University of Denver.  Dr Snelling’s latest role is Director of Quantum and High Performance Computing within the newly formed Center for Cognitive and Advanced Computing, where he directs the technical program in these areas and supports the wider team through his contacts in academia, industry, and government





Oct 27 2022 -

Joint AIAI and LFCS Seminar: Thursday, 27 October 2022 - David Snelling

Speaker: David Snelling, Fujitsu Note unusual time and date.

Location: IF MF2 (4.40)