LFCS Seminar: Monday, 3 July - Chao Peng



Title:         Mobile App GUI Testing in Industry: Practices and Challenges



In 2019, ByteDance released the first version of Fastbot, a stability testing tool for mobile apps. After four years of iteration and optimisation, Fastbot has acquired capabilities such as intelligent traversal, multi-device collaboration, custom events, changed-focused exploration, and human-like testing. In this talk, we present Fastbot’s technical design and discuss challenges faced by Fastbot in practice. We also hope to discuss insights and reflections on mobile app testing in the era of emerging machine learning technologies, such as large language models.


Bio: Dr. Peng Chao is a senior researcher and university collaboration coordinator at the ByteDance Software Engineering Lab and a part-time mentor for postgraduate students of Fudan University. He obtained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2021. His research interest includes software testing, program repair and optimisations, and the synergy with machine learning and compiler techniques. He has published several software engineering papers at venues such as TSE, ASE and ICSME.


Jul 03 2023 -

LFCS Seminar: Monday, 3 July - Chao Peng

Chao Peng ByteDance Software Engineering Lab https://chao-peng.github.io/

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Venue: IF G.03