LFCS Seminar: Tuesday, 6 June - Phil Chodrow


Title: Nonbacktracking spectral clustering of nonuniform hypergraphs



Spectral methods offer a tractable, global framework for clustering in graphs via eigenvector computations on graph matrices. Hypergraph data, in which entities interact on edges of arbitrary size, poses challenges for matrix representations and therefore for spectral clustering. We study spectral clustering for nonuniform hypergraphs based on the hypergraph nonbacktracking operator. After reviewing the definition of this operator and its basic properties, we prove a theorem of Ihara–Bass type which allows eigenpair computations to take place on a smaller matrix, often enabling faster computation. We then propose an alternating algorithm for inference in a hypergraph stochastic blockmodel via linearized belief-propagation which involves a spectral clustering step again using nonbacktracking operators. We provide proofs related to this algorithm that both formalize and extend several previous results. We pose several conjectures about the limits of spectral methods and detectability in hypergraph stochastic blockmodels in general, supporting these with in-expectation analysis of the eigenpairs of our operators. We perform experiments in real and synthetic data that demonstrate the benefits of hypergraph methods over graph-based ones when interactions of different sizes carry different information about cluster structure.

This talk is based on work that recently appeared in the SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science: https://doi.org/10.1137/22M149471

Joint work with Nicole Eikmeier (Grinnell College) and Jamie Haddock (Harvey Mudd College).




Jun 06 2023 -

LFCS Seminar: Tuesday, 6 June - Phil Chodrow

Phil Chodrow Middlebury College https://www.philchodrow.prof/

Venue: G.03