Academic staff, research staff and students affiliated with Programming Languages and Foundations


Many people in LFCS and across the School of Informatics have research interests that overlap with programming languages and verification topics.  The following list is non-exhaustive, and just identifies staff whose main activity is currently focused on foundational aspects of programming languages. 

Academic Staff

Member Interests
James Cheney Programming languages, databases, logic/verification.  Applications to provenance, scientific data management, and security.
Andrew D. Gordon  
Chris Heunen

Foundations of quantum programming languages and their interaction with classical, reversible, and probabilistic programming, mostly through categorical semantics.

Sam Lindley  
John Longley  
Ohad Kammar Programming language theory, and category theory and logic in computer science
Liam O'Connor  
Gordon Plotkin  
Elizabeth Polgreen program synthesis methods and applications, software verification
Don Sannella  

Ian Stark

Mathematical models for programming languages and concurrent systems.

Philip Wadler    


Research Staff

Member Interests
Brian Campbell  
Vashti Galpin  
Daniel Hillerström  
Wilmer Ricciotti  
Robert Wright  


PhD Students

Member Interests/topic
Sándor Bartha Programming language semantics synthesis
Frank Emrich Type inference
Wen Kokke Linearity, session types
Jesse Sigal Probabilistic and differentiable programming


Recent Alumni 

Member Destination
Danel Ahman PhD -> Ljublana
Sheung Chi (Arthur) Chan PhD -> Heriot Watt -> ADALogics
Wei Chen Postdoc -> Huawei
Christopher Banks PhD -> Roslin Institute
Stefan Fehrenbach PhD -> Proda
Simon Fowler PhD -> Glasgow faculty

Weili Fu

PhD -> Freiburg
Joseph Hallett PhD -> Bristol
Ilias Garnier Postdoc -> ENS Paris
Rudi Horn PhD -> Oracle
Martti Karvonen PhD -> Ottawa
Craig McLaughlin PhD -> UNSW
Pau Enrique Moliner PhD -> ThinkTank
Nassim Seghir Postdoc -> UCL
Jan Stolarek Postdoc -> BinarApps sp. z o.o.
Daniel Franzen PhD -> FU-Berlin
James McKinna Postdoc -> Heriot Watt faculty

Associated Staff


The following academic staff members have primary research interests in other areas, but with a significant overlap with foundational programming languages or verification.

Associated member Interests
Myrto Arapinis Security
David Aspinall Programming languages and type systems approaches applied to formal methods, theorem proving and applications in security, privacy and trust.
Peter Buneman Databases
Elham Kashefi Quantum computation, security
Ajitha Rajan Software testing and verification applied to smart contract in blockchains, Android Apps, GPU kernels, computer vision tasks in self-driving cars, AI techniques for cancer therapy.
Amir Shaikhha Databases
Perdita Stevens Software engineering
Michel Steuwer Compilers, Program Optimizations, Rewriting, Domain Specific Languages