This page lists some of the softwares developed at LFCS at different times.

LFCS has a tradition of building research software, and much of it is exported through our system dissemination programme. Systems are distributed for research or educational use, with commercial use usually being subject to individual licencing agreements. A number of sub-licencing agreements are in place and you should check with the individual package for details. This page documents software developed or distributed by LFCS.

Software developed at LFCS

  • With Performance Evaluation Process Algebra you can analyse both behavioural and performance properties of concurrent systems. You can find tools on the PEPA tools page, including the PEPA Workbench.

  • Proof General is a generic user interface for interactive proof assistants. It supports Isabelle, Coq, and LEGO, and can be configured for similar systems.

  • PreMo - Probabilistic Recursive Models analyzer
  • RABIT/Reduce - Language inclusion checking and automata minimization for nondeterministic Buchi automata (NBA) and finite word automata (NFA). 
  • XARCH - The XML Archiver
  • RAHD - Real Algebra in High Dimensions


Some other software, no longer actively being developed: