A list of people from the Quantum Informatics research group.

Staff Members

Staff Interests
Dr Myrto Arapinis Verification of cryptographic protocols, verification of security properties, detection of attacks, formal models, and protocol composition.
Dr Raul Garcia-Patron Quantum computation with near-term quantum devices, quantum simulation, classical algorithms to simulate noisy quantum devices, quantum information theory.
Dr Chris Heunen Semantics of quantum theory and programming languages, category theory, quantum logic, functional analysis.
Prof Elham Kashefi Models of quantum computing and their structural relations; exploring new applications, algorithms and cryptographic protocols for quantum information processing device; verification of quantum technology.
Dr Petros Wallden Quantum cyber security, quantum computation with focus on noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) devices, verification of quantum computing, and quantum information theory.

Associated Members

Staff Interests
Dr Michael Gutmann Efficient statistical learning, statistical inference for complex models, unsupervised machine learning, quantum optimisation.
Prof Aggelos Kiayias Broad perspective on Cryptography and Cyber Security with emphasis on blockchain systems, e-voting protocols, digital content distribution, privacy and identity management.
Dr Damian Markham (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) Quantum computation and information, quantum network protocols, entanglement, foundations of quantum information.


Staff Interests
Dr Carmen Constantin Category Theory and Quantum Computing
Dr Mahshid Delavar Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs), Hardware Security and Cryptographic Protocols.
Dr Robert Furber Probability, logic, quantum, and category theory, especially monads.
Dr Ross Grassie  
Dr Robin Kaarsgaard Reversible computing, category theory.
Dr Theodoros Kapourniotis  
Dr Niraj Kumar  
Dr Rawad Mezher  
Dr Yiannis Tselekounis  

PhD Students

Student Supervisor(s)
Sean Adamson Wallden
Pablo Andres Martinez Heunen
Brian Coyle Kashefi, Danos
Ellen Derbyshire Kashefi, Wallden
Nuiok Dicaire Heunen
Mina Doosti Kashefi, Arapinis
Ioannis Kolotouros Wallden
Nikolaos Lamprou Arapinis
Daniel Mills Kashefi
Luka Music (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) Kashefi
Milos Prokop Wallden
Nesta van der Schaaf Heunen
Jesse Sigal Heunen

Project Students

Student Supervisor(s)
Adam Brown Wallden
Mateusz Kupper Heunen
Hrichika Nag Wallden
Evripidis Papaevripidis Wallden
Shraddha Singh (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) Kashefi
Manuel Tarazona Querol Wallden
Boniface Yogendran Wallden

Former Members

Name Capacity
Marek Bais Project student (Wallden)
Rui Soares Barbosa Postdoc (Heunen)
Ruiting Cao Master student (Heunen)
Ieva Cepaite Project student (Kashefi, Wallden)
Ulysse Chabaud PhD student (Markham, Kashefi)
Gary Chan Project student (Wallden)
Daniel Charlton Master student (Wallden)
Chloe Chira Master student (Heunen)
Flaviu Cipcigarn Project student (Kashefi)
Alexandru Cojocaru PhD student (Kashefi, Wallden)
Hector Dang-Nhu ENS summer internship (Heunen)
Ronan Dance Project student (Heunen)
Raphael Dias Visiting Ph.D. student (Kashefi)
Leonardo Disilvestro Master and project student (Kashefi)
Julien Du Crest Project student (Wallden, Kashefi)
Vedran Dunjko Postdoc and Ph.D. student (Kashefi)
Pau Enrique Moliner PhD student (Heunen)
Patric Fulop Project student (Kashefi)
Alexandru Gheorghiu Postdoc and Ph.D. student (Kashefi, Wallden)
Matty Hoban Postdoc (Kashefi)
Xi Huang Master student (Heunen)
Borislav Ikonomov Master student (Kashefi)
Robbie James MPhys master student (Heunen)
Marc Kaplan Postdoc (Kashefi)
Martti Karvonen Ph.D. student (Heunen)
Diana Kessler Master student (Heunen)
Theodoros Kapourniotis Postdoc, Ph.D. and Master student (Kashefi)
Pia Kullik Project student (Arapinis)
Mateusz Kupper Master student (Heunen)
Leo Lobski LMS summer internship (Heunen)
Atul Mantri Postdoc (Kashefi)
Martin Marinov Project student (Kashefi)
Neil McBlane Project student (Wallden)
Vasilis Ntogramantzis Project student (Wallden)
Einar Pius Ph.D. and Master student (Kashefi)
Alfredo Ricci Vasquez Project student (Wallden)
Damian Rovara Master student (Wallden)
Waheeda Banu Saib Master student (Wallden)
Phivos Sofokleous Project student (Wallden)
Karolis Spukas Project student (Wallden)
Jazon Szabo Internship (Wallden)
Mehmet Huseyin Temel Project student (Wallden)
Sean Tull Postdoc (Heunen)
Iskren Vankov Project student (Kashefi, Wallden)
Kaixiang Zhao Project student (Wallden)