A list of our current research projects.

Here is a list of research projects that we are currently involved with:

Project Principal investigator
EPSRC Hub in Quantum Computing and Simulation Elham Kashefi (PI), Myrto Arapinis, Chris Heunen, Petros Wallden
Quantum Computing Platform for NISQ Era Commercial Applications Elham Kashefi (PI), Vincent Danos
AirQKD: product of a UK industry pipeline Elham Kashefi (PI), Myrto Arapinis
Combining Viewpoint in Quantum Theory (ext) Chris Heunen
Emulator of noisy near-term superconducting architectures Raul Garcia-Patron
Noise Analysis and Mitigation for Scalable Quantum Computing Petros Wallden (PI), Raul Garcia-Patron
Quantum Advantage Pathfinder Elham Kashefi (PI), Myrto Arapinis, Oliver Brown, Chris Heunen, Raul Garcia-Patron, Petros Wallden
Quantum Software for a Digital Universe Petros Wallden (PI), Oliver Brown