Room bookings & events

Room booking information and guidance for staff.

Depending on the nature of the event or booking there are different procedures to follow.

Internal events or room bookings

Internal events are events related to Informatics which are organised by a member of staff of the School of Informatics.

Bookings for events or room bookings related to Informatics and with less than 100 attendees may be made through the appropriate admin level office.

Bookings for events organised by a member of staff which involve more than 100 attendees and / or events which are not related to Informatics will require the approval of the Director of Professional services, who will consult with the HoS, as necessary. Enquiries for such bookings should be directed via the School Office.

External events

External events are all events which are not organised by a member of staff of the School of Informatics and/or events which are not related to the work and activities of the School of Informatics.

Given the level of demand on our meeting rooms, external bookings need to be approved in advance by either HoS or Director of Professional Services. External events that have a connection with Informatics or which are of Strategic importance to the University, will be looked upon more favourably. There is a presumption against hosting events organised by commercial bodies.

*Please read the Informatics Events Policy for full details.

Room hire charges - Informatics Forum

How to proceed

For an internal event of less than 100 guests - contact your admin level office

For an external event or an internal event with 100+ guests: contact the school office

Procedures for booking rooms for admin staff - room booking instructions


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