Student Alumni

Former postgraduate students

Student PhD Title Year Where are they now?

Francisco Jose Quesada Real

Domain-Aware Ontology Matching 2021 Universidad de Cádiz
Danai Korre Usability Evaluation of Spoken Humanoid Embodied Conversational Agents in Mobile Serious Game 2019 School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
Andriana Gkaniatsou Automated Analysis of the Smart-Card Application Protocol Data Unit 2017  
Kwabena Nuamah Using Rich Inference to find Novel Answers to Questions 2017 School of Informatics
Amy Guy The Presentation of Self on a Decentralised Web 2017 Open Data Services
Paolo Pareti Representation and Execution of Human Know-How on the Web 2017 Southampton University
Alan White CAMP-BDI An approach for Multiagent Systems Robustness through Capability-aware Agents Maintaining Plans 2017  
Daniel Raggi Searching the space of representations:  reasoning through transformations for mathematical problem solving 2016 University of Cambridge
Herry Automated Planning for Cloud Service Configurations 2015 University of Glasgow
Yuhui Lin The Use of Rippling to Automate Event-B Invariant Preservation Proofs 2015 Heriot Watt University
Petros Papapanagiotou A Formal Verification Approach to Process Modelling and Composition 2014

School of Informatics

Phil Scott Ordered Geometry in Hilbert's Grundlagen der Geometrie 2014 Symphonic Software
Gary McGilvary Ad-hoc Cloud Computing 2014 Cloudreach
Laura Meikle intuition in Formal Proof: A Novel Framework for Combining Mathematical Tools 2013 Lambada Jam
John Hewson Constraint-Based Specifications for System Configurations 2013 Entrepreneur
Sripirya G Implementation methodology for using concurrent and collaborative approaches for theorem provers 2013 School of Informatics
Michael Chan Ontology Evolution in Physics 2013  
Shariar Bijani Securing Open Multi-agent Systems Governed by Electronic Institutions 2013 Shahed University
Ashwag Maghraby Bridging the Specification Protocol Gap in Augmentation 2013  
Xi Bai Peer to Peer, Multi-agent Interaction Adapted to a Web Architecture 2013 BBC
Matthew Crosby Heuristic Multi-Agent Planning 2013  
Chee Sun Liew   2012 University of Malaya
Fan Zhu Distributed multi-modal image collection and analysis 2012  
Yin Chen   2011 The EGI Foundation
George Chistelis Automated norm Synthesis 2011  
Thomas French Evolutionary Optimisation of Network Flow Plans for Emergency Movement in the Built Environment 2011 Sandtable
Sean Wilson Supporting Dependently Typed Functional Programming with Proof Automation and Testing 2010 Software Developer
Andrew Priddle-Higson Computational models of ontology evolution in legal reasoning 2010 Amazon
Paul Martin Social Group Formation in Multi-agent Systems 2010  
Iain Wallace Practical Social Reasoning in the ESB Frameworkd 2010  
Moa Johansson Automated Discovery of Inductive Lemmas 2009 Chalmers University, Gothenburg
Paolo Besana Predicting the Content of Peer to Peer Interactions 2009  
Adam Barker Flexible Service Choreography 2007 University of St Andrews
John Kingston Multi-Perspective Modelling for Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering 2007 Brighton University
Alison Pease A Computational Model of Lakatos-style Reasoning 2007 University of Dundee
Li Guo Enacting a Decentralised Workflow Management System on a Multi-agent Platform 2007  
Hazel Duncan The Use of Data-Mining for the Automatic Formation of Tactics 2007  
Gerhard Wickler Using Expressive and Flexible Action Representations to Reason about Capabilities for Intelligent Agent Cooperation 2007 Osthus GmbH
Natasha Correia Queiroz Lino Semantic Based Support for Visualisation in Complex Collaborative Planning Environments 2007 Federal University of Paraiba
Lucas Dixon A Proof Planning Framework for Isabelle 2006 Google
Fiona McNeill Dynamic Ontology Refinement 2006 School of Informatics
Alex Heneveld Using features for automated problem solving 2006 Cloudsoft Corporation
Clauirton de Albuquerque Siebra

A Unified Approach to Planning Support in Hierarchical Coalitions

2005 Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB), Brazil
Daniel Winterstein Using Diagrammatic Reasoning for Theorem Proving in a Continuous Domain 2004 Winterwell Associates
Graham Steel Discovering attacks on security protocols by refuting incorrect inductive conjectures 2004 Cryptosense
Ewen Maclean Using proof-Planning to Investigate the Structure of Proof in Non-Standard Analysis


Aesthetic Integration
Simon Colton Automated Theory Formation in Pure Mathematics 2001 Goldsmith University
Jessica Chen-Burger Formal Support for Business Process Modelling 2001 Heriot Watt University
Yannis Kalfoglou Deploying Ontologies in Software Design 2000  
Steve Polyak An Integration Framework for Managing Rich Organisational Process Knowledge 1999 ACTNext
Glen Reece Characterization and design of rational competent execution agents for use in dynamic environments 1995 Reece Worldwide Travel