CDT NLP External Advisory Board

Members of the External Advisory Board

The CDT NLP External Advisory Board provides independent advice to the CDT Executive Team, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently and to the benefit of the students and the CDT programme. 

The Board meets annually with the CDT team, students and faculty to provide an independent written report to UKRI and the CDT team on the progress, effectiveness and successes of the programme, as well as making suggestions for enhancement.

The members of the CDT NLP External Advisory Board currently are:

  • (Chair) Prof Hinrich Schütze - Chair of Computational Linguistics, ACL President, Director of the Centre for Information and Language Processing at the University of Munich
  • Prof Maria Liakata, Queen Mary University of London; AI Fellow at The Turing Institute
  • Prof Paola Merlo, University of Geneva;  Past Editor of the Computational Linguistics Journal
  • Prof Mari Ostendorf, System Design Methodologies, University of Washington
  • Dr Daniela Tresoldi,  Portfolio Manager, ICT Theme, UKRI/EPSRC
  • Prof Sebastian Riedel, Deepmind; University College London