CDT NLP Management Team

Meet the team responsible for the delivery of the programme

CDT Director
Oversees scientific programme, ED&I (Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity) Champion, Primary contact for UKRI and External Advisory Board.
CDT Co-Director
Coordinates Recruitment/Selection of cohorts, Group Research Projects, Pastoral Care, Oversees opportunities for internships/start-ups, Bayes Centre Liaison.
CDT Industry Liaison
Oversees Industry co-funding opportunities, Develops Partnership opportunities along with Business Development Team.
CDT Training Coordinator
Oversees Taught component, Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) Champion.
CDT Liaison to the School of PPLS
Oversees coordination with LEL for programme delivery and student recruitment, Oversees Public Engagement/Outreach.
CDT Coordinator
Oversees delivery of programme and administration.


CDT NLP Executive Team

The Executive Team meets bi-monthly and comprises the CDT NLP Management Team +

Head of Informatics Student Services Neil Heatley CDT Portfolio Manager and leads on all the operational aspects of the CDT
Graduate School Manager Lindsey Fox Responsible for all matters relating to the administrative operation of the Informatics Graduate School
Business Development Manager Ken Scott Coordinates industry investment, partnerships and events; assists with internships