Our alumni have gone on to work in both academia and industry all over the world.

Older graduates

Fernando Pereira (Ph.D. 1982) Research director at Google.  Former chair of the Computer and Information Science department at University of Pennsylvania, head of the Machine Learning and Information Retrieval department at AT&T Labs, and research and management positions at SRI International.
Martha Palmer (Ph.D. 1985) Professor in the Computer Science Department, University of Colorado, Boulder.
Nick Haddock (Ph.D. 1988) Managing Director at Atomic Intelligence. Involved in product management, engineering management, and consulting in the areas of text analysis algorithms, natural language processing, search technology, unstructured data management, information extraction, machine learning, and user interface design.
Lesley Stirling (Ph.D. 1988) Associate Professor and Convenor, School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne.
Robert Dale (Ph.D. 1989) Professor in the Department of Computing and Director of the Centre for Language Technology at Macquarie University, Sydney.  Editor of the journal Computational Linguistics. Chief Technology Officer at Arria NLG.
Bob Carpenter (Ph.D. 1989) Natural Language Scientist and Software Architect at Alias I, Inc., currently a research scientist in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University.
Patrick Blackburn (Ph.D. 1989) Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Science Studies at the University of Roskilde.
Nick Chater (Ph.D. 1989) Professor of Behavior Science, Business School, Warwick University.
Steven Bird (Ph.D. 1990) Professor, Charles Darwin University, Australia
Jo Calder (Ph.D. 1991) Partner at Managed-AIS, providing aeronautical information software and services.
Claire Gardent (Ph.D. 1991) CNRS Director of Research based in the  LORIA Computer Science research unit of Nancy, France.
Paul Taylor (Ph.D 1992) Former co-founder and CTO of Rhetorical Systems; founder and CEO of Phonetic Arts, a speech synthesis company recently acquired by Google.
Alan Black (Ph.D. 1993) Associate Professor in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Co-developer of the freely available Festival speech synthesis system.
Paul Bagshaw (Ph.D. 1994)

International coordinator of research in interface sciences at Orange Labs / France Telecom R&D.

David Beaver (Ph.D. 1995) Professor of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin.
Oliver Lemon (Ph.D. 1996) Professor at Heriot-Watt and  Chief AI Officer of Alana AI.
Karin Verspoor (Ph.D. 1997) Dean of Computing, RMIT University (Melbourne)
Renata Vieira (Ph.D. 1998) Professor in the Faculty of Informatics, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Matthew Aylett (Ph.D. 2000)

Formerly with Rhetorical Systems, now founder and CTO of Cereproc, an Edinburgh-based company offering advanced speech synthesis technology.

Jason Baldridge (Ph.D. 2002)
Research Scientist, Google
Julia Hockenmaier (Ph.D. 2003) Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
Caroline Sporleder (Ph.D. 2004) Professor at Universitat Trier
David Schlangen (Ph.D. 2004)
Professor at Universitat Potsdam
Colin Bannard (Ph.D. 2006) Psychological Sciences, Institute of Population Health Sciences, University of Liverpool
Chris Callison-Burch (Ph.D. 2007) Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania.
Jochen Leidner (Ph.D. 2007) Research Director at Thompson-Reuters.



Reinald Kim Amplayo Opinion Summarization of Multiple Reviews: Data Synthesis and Modeling (supervised by Mirella Lapata). After graduation: Google London  
Mattias Appelgren
Interactive Task Learning from Corrective Feedback (supervised by Alex Lascarides)



Javad Hosseini                               Unsupervised Learning of Relational Entailment Graphs from Text (supervised by Mark Steedman and Shay Cohen). After graduation: Google Research, UK


Bowen Li Knowledge-enhanced neural grammar Induction (supervised by Frank Keller). After graduation: DAMO Academy, Alibaba.  
Jiangming Liu            

Understanding and Generating Language with Discourse Representation Structures (supervised by  Shay Cohen, Mirella Lapata and Alex Lascarides). After graduation: Researcher at Tencent

Esma Balkir Tensors and Tensor Decompositions for Combining External Information with Knowledge Graph Embeddings (supervised by Shay Cohen). After graduation: Researcher at National Research Council Canada.
Chunchuan Lyu Graph-Based Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsing (supervised by Ivan Titov). After graduation: postdoctoral researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Naomi Saphra Training Dynamics of Neural Language Models (supervised by Adam Lopez). After graduation: postdoctoral researcher at New York University
Jonathan Mallinson Universal Rewriting via Machine Translation (supervised by Mirella Lapata).  After graduation:  Google Zurich
Abeer AlDayel
Stance Characterization and Detection on Social Media (supervised by Walid Magdy)
Mona Alqassim
Together for change: investigating a socio-technical system approach for supporting miscarriage (supervised by Maria Wolters)
Kholoud Althobaiti
Hunting phish: an exploration of the human-based detection and management of phishing attacks (supervised by Kami Vaniea; After graduation: Talif University, Saudi Arabia)
Mihaela Dragomir
Facilitating pretend play in children with autism through interactive, augmented narratives (supervised by Helen Pain)
Rafael Karampatsis
Scalable deep learning for bug detection (supervised by Charles Sutton)
Mohammad Tahaei
Developer factor in software privacy (supervised by Kami Vaniea; After graduation: postdoc at the University of Bristol)



Toms Bergmanis  Methods for Morphology Learning in low(er)-resource scenarios (supervised by Sharon Goldwater) After graduation: Researcher and Developer, Tilde MT


Philippa Shoemark Discovering and analysing lexical variation in social media text (supervised by Sharon Goldwater and James Kirby). After graduation: Data Analyst, ING Belgium  
Nikos Papasarantopoulos Multi-view Representation Learning for NLP Applications (supervised by Shay Cohen). After graduation: Huawei-Edinburgh Centre  
Ondrej Klejch Learning to Adapt: Meta-Learning Approaches for Speaker Adaptation (supervised by Steve Renals and Peter Bell)  
Arlene Casey
LitCrit: exploring intentions as a basis for automated feedback on Related Work (supervised by Bonnie Webber)
Nicolas Collignon
Self-directed learning in new and changing environments: understanding human algorithms for exploration (supervised by Chris Lucas)
Joachim Fainberg
Robust learning of acoustic representations from diverse speech data (supervised by Steve Renals and Peter Bell)
Joanna Rownicka
Deep Representation Learning for Speech Recognition (supervised by Steve Renals)
Nora'Ayu Ahmad Uzir
Analytics of time management strategies in online learning environments: a novel methodological approach (supervised by Dragan Gasevic)
Pablo Leon Villagra
Representational principles of function generalization (supervised by Chris Lucas)


Arabella Sinclair Modelling Speaker Adaptation in Second Language Learner Dialogue (supervised by Jon Oberlander and Adam Lopez). After graduation: postdoc at UVA.
Clara Vania On Understanding Character-level Models for Representing Morphology (supervised by Adam Lopez and Sharon Goldwater). After graduation: postdoc at NYU
Sameer Bansal Low-Resource Speech Translation (supervised by Sharon Goldwater and Adam Lopez). After graduation: researcher at Bloomberg.
Marco Damonte Understanding and Generating Language with Abstract Meaning Representation (supervised by Shay Cohen and Adam Lopez). After graduation: researcher at Amazon.
John Torr Wide-Coverage Statistical Parsing with Minimalist Grammars (supervised by Mark Steedman and Shay Cohen). After graduation: research scientist at Wluper.
Stefanos Angelidis Weakly Supervised Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Extraction (supervised by Mirella Lapata)
Nikolay Bogoychev Fast machine translation on parallel and massively parallel hardware (Supervised by Adam Lopez and Kenneth Heafield).  After graduation: postdoc at the University of Edinburgh.
Anna Currey Moving Beyond Parallel Data for Neural Machine Translation (supervised by Kenneth Heafield). After graduation:  Amazon.
Mihai Dobre Low-resource Learning in Complex Games (supervised by Alex Lascarides). After graduation: research scientist at FiveAI.
Li Dong Learning Natural Language Interfaces with Neural Models (supervised by Mirella Lapata)  After graduation: Microsoft Research
Felipe Espic    In the Search of the Optimal Acoustic Features for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis (supervised by Simon King & Junichi Yamagishi). After graduation: Apple, UK
Sorcha Gilroy Probablistic Graph Formalisms for Meaning Representations (supervised by Adam Lopez)
Craig Innes Learning to Make Decisions with Unforeseen Possibilities  (supervised by Alex Lascarides). After graduation:  Research Associate in School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Srikanth Ronanki  Prosody Generation For Text-To-Speech Synthesis (supervised by Simon King & Steve Renals). After graduation: Amazon, UK
Jianpeng Cheng The life-cycle of semantic parsing (supervised by Mirella Lapata).  After graduation:  Apple
Daniel Duma Contextual Citation Recommendation using Scientific Discourse Annotation Schemes (supervised by Ewan Klein)


Andrew McLeod

The Language of Music: A Computational Model of Music Interpretation (supervised by Mark Steedman). After graduation: postdoc at Kyoto University.

Sam Ribeiro Suprasegmental representations for the modeling of fundamental frequency in statistical parametric speech synthesis (supervised by Junichi Yamagishi, Oliver Watts, and Rob Clark). After graduation: Postdoc, The University of Edinburgh.
Federico Fancellu

Computational models for multilingual negation scope detection (supervised by Bonnie Webber and Adam Lopez).

Spandana Gella Visual Context for Verb Sense Disambiguation and Multilingual Representation Learning (supervised by Frank Keller). After graduation: Amazon
Jianpeng Cheng   The Lifecycle of Neural Semantic Parsing (supervised by Mirella Lapata). After graduation: Apple
Philip Gorinski Automatic Movie Analysis and Summarisation (supervised by Mirella Lapata)
Clare Llewellyn Identification and Description of Topics for Newspaper Comment Summarisation
Ahmed Ali
Multi-Dialect Arabic Broadcast Speech Recognition (supervised by Steve Renals)
Leimin Tian
Recognizing emotions in spoken dialogue with acoustic and lexical cues (supervised by Johanna Moore)


Siva Reddy Gangireddy Recurrent Neural Network Language Models for Automatic Speech Recognition (supervised by Steve Renals). After graduation: postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University.
Siva Reddy Goli Syntax-Mediated Semantic Parsing (supervised by Mirella Lapata and Mark Steedman). After graduation: postdoc at Stanford University.
Vitomir Kovanovic Assessing Cognitive Presence Using Automated Learning Analytics Methods (supervised  by Dragan Gasevic). After graduation: Research fellow at University of South Australia.
Maria Nadejde Accurate and Grammatical Machine Translation with Explicit Linguistic Features (supervised by Alexandra Birch-Mayne). After graduation: Grammarly.
Dominikus Wetzel

Entity-based Coherence in Statistical Machine Translation: A modelling and evaluation perspective (supervised by Bonnie Webber).

Xingxing Zhang Natural Language Generation as Neural Sequence Learning and Beyond (supervised by Mirella Lapata).