Academic & senior research staff

These are the staff members who are primarily responsible for supervising PhD students and overseeing research projects in ILCC. Academic staff also have teaching responsibilities.

Benjamin Bach Interactive data visualizations for networks and temporal data, storytelling, immersive analytics

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Peter Bell image
Peter Bell Automatic speech recognition, speech technology for under-resourced languages, unsupervised training, sequence-to-sequence models Personal page
Alexandra Birch photo
Alexandra Birch Semi-supervised models, parsing, machine translation Personal page
Julian Bradfield
Julian Bradfield Modal and temporal logics, model-checking, concurrency, independence logics, descriptive complexity and set theory, UML and modelling languages, natural language phonology. Personal page
Tara Capel
Tara Capel Human-computer interaction, participatory design, interaction design, design methods, making and co-creation practices, in particular around: digital wellbeing, human-centred AI, generative AI, makerspaces, and civic and community engagement Personal Page
shay cohen
Shay Cohen Text generation, summarization, semantic and syntactic parsing, unsupervised learning, grammar learning, spectral learning. Personal page
Aurora Constantin
Aurora Constantin Human-Computer Interaction, Education Technology, Assistive Technologies, Technology for Autism, (Distributed) Participatory Design, Digital Accessibility, Multimodal Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction Personal page
Jeff Dalton
Jeff Dalton Text-based machine learning, Interactive Informational Retrieval, neuro-symbolic models, information extraction, conversational assistants Personal page
T. J. Elmas
TJ Elmas

Computational Social Science, Social Media Manipulation, Misinformation, Polarization, Applied NLP

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Kobi Gal photo
Kobi Gal Artificial Intelligence, multi-agent systems, human-computer decision-making, educational data mining, AI in education, learning analytics, AI for Social Good Personal page
Goldwater photo
Sharon Goldwater Probabilistic (esp. Bayesian) models of language acquisition, unsupervised learning for NLP, phonetics/phonology, morphology. Personal page
Grover photo
Claire Grover Text analytics (information extraction, text mining, bioinformatics), XML tools for text processing, text processing for cultural heritage, semantic web, methods and tools for corpus linguistics, computational linguistics (parsing, grammar engineering). Personal page
Barry Haddow Machine translation speech translation Personal page
Helen Hastie
Helen Hastie Human-robot interaction, multimodal interaction, trustworthy interaction for autonomous systems, transparency and explanations through natural language, evaluation Personal page
Hill photo
Robin Hill  Multimodal communication, visual cognition, eye tracking, cognitive science, psycholinguistics, human computer/robot interaction, gerontechnology and neuropolitics. Personal Page
Uta Hinrichs
Uta Hinrichs

Data visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design. Special interest in digital humanities, visualizing cultural collections, visualization for public knowledge institutions, and visualization teaching and learning.

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Keller photo
Frank Keller Cognitive modeling, language processing, language and vision, parsing, unsupervised learning, eye-tracking Personal page
King photo
Simon King Speech synthesis; new acoustic models for speech recognition; the use of articulatory information for speech recognition and synthesis; phonological/acoustic/articulatory features for speech processing. Personal page
Nadin Kökciyan
Nadin Kökciyan AI for Privacy, Argument Mining, Computational Argumentation, AI Ethics, Multiagent systems, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Personal page
Catherine Lai
Catherine Lai Speech prosody, discourse structure, affective computing, information extraction Personal page
Lapata photo
Mirella Lapata Probabilistic learning for natural language understanding and generation, language grounding, models of vision and language. Personal page
Lascarides photo
Alex Lascarides Computational semantics, discourse and dialogue processing, symbol grounding, communication with non-verbal actions, interactive task learning, human robot interaction. Personal page
Susan Lechelt
Susan Lechelt
Human-computer interaction, interaction design, responsible technology design, in particular around: sustainability and circular economy, data literacy, creativity, tangible and physical computing and children’s education
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Lee photo
John Lee Multimodal dialogue, graphics in reasoning and learning, computing and cognition in design. Personal page
Wenda Li
Wenda Li Machine learning for theorem proving, neuro-symbolic AI, formalising mathematics, formal verification Personal page
Lopez photo
Adam Lopez Natural language processing, machine learning. Personal page
Lucas photo
Chris Lucas Inductive learning, causal inference, cognitive development, Bayesian models. Personal page
Tiejun Ma
Tiejun Ma Research focuses on risk analysis and decision-making using quantitative modelling and data techniques applied to FinTech, and Cyber-Risk research fields, via state-of-the-art information retrieval, sentiment analysis and computing techniques (e.g. risk quantification using NLP); modelling human's risk taking and decisions are influenced by sentiments, news and online information.  
Walid Magdy
Walid Magdy Information retrieval, Social computing, Social media, Data mining, Arabic NLP Personal page
Fiona McNeill Computing education and access to computing, especially for under-represented and disadvantaged groups; data matching and integration, especially during crisis management; language-aware matching and linguistic resources for minority languages, particularly Gaelic; Semantic Web, Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs Personal page
Pasquale Minervini
Pasquale Minervini Natural language processing and machine learning: relational and graph machine learning, question and query answering, hybrid neuro-symbolic models, compositional generalisation, data-efficient and robust deep learning models. Personal page

Brian Mitchell


Computer Science education, Human-Computer Interaction, accessibility, Language Engineering generally and Named Entity Classification especially, applying Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing, core corpus linguistics topics especially parsing Personal page
Sid Narayanaswamy headshot
Siddharth N. Explainable AI, Interpretable ML, Structure learning, Probabilistic programming, Bayesian program learning, Approximate inference, Human-machine interaction, Neuro-symbolic systems Personal page
Jeff Pan
Jeff Pan Knowledge representation and artificial intelligence, knowledge based reasoning and learning, knowledge based natural language understanding and generation. Personal page
Edoardo Ponti
Edoardo Ponti Multilingual NLP; ML for language; language grounding; computational typology; few-shot learning; modular NNs. Personal page
Korin Richmond  All aspects of text-to-speech synthesis and speech generation, acquisition and modelling of articulatory data for speech technologies, pronunciation modelling, lexicography, technologies for child speech therapy and pronunciation training. Personal page
Judy Robertson
Judy Robertson   Personal page
Bjorn Ross

Björn Ross

Computational social science; social computing; information systems; social media analytics and communication; social network analysis, agent-based modelling and simulation, natural language processing and text classification for social media.

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Schweizer photo
Paul Schweizer Philosophical logic, the computational paradigm and conceptual foundations of cognitive science and AI, philosophy of mind and language.  
Shimodaira photo
Hiroshi Shimodaira Trainable lifelike conversational agents, Acoustic models for automatic speech recognition, Handwriting recognition. Personal page
Steedman photo
Mark Steedman Computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, formal grammar, spoken intonation, statistical parsing, spoken language processing, animated conversational agents, computational musical analysis. Personal page
Hao Tang
Hao Tang Speech and language processing, machine learning. Personal page
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor Design justice, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), intersectional and feminist theory, multi-species relations, Participatory Design, Responsible AI, Science & Technology Studies (STS), and sociology of technology. Personal page
thompson photo
Henry Thompson Markup languages (XML, SGML) and architectures (Standoff markup, Schema languages, pipelines); Web Architecture; Philosophy of the Web. Personal page
Ivan Titov Statistical modeling for natural language understanding,  syntactic and semantic parsing of natural language,  machine learning for NLP, probabilistic models of graph-structured data, multilingual NLP Personal page
John Vines

John Vines

Human-computer interaction, interaction design, co-creation and participatory design, responsible technology design, digital social innovation, especially around: ageing and the lifecourse, personal and community finance, health and care, and civic and community action.


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Michael Fourman Personal page
Ewan Klein Personal page
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Johanna Moore                 
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Helen Pain Personal page
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Steve Renals Steve Renals
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Bonnie Webber Personal page