Research staff & postdocs

Most of these staff members are employed on projects headed by an academic or senior research staff member; some work on their own independent projects and in a few cases may supervise PhD students.


Member Interests Personal page
Mattias Appelgren Interactive Task Learning, Symbol Grounding, Dialogue Personal page
Chris Burns Human-computer interaction  
Elaine Farrow Intelligent tutoring systems, multi-modal interaction, dialogue systems, health informatics, digital personhood, and feedback generation.  
Ulrich Germann    
Liane Guillou Knowledge graph extraction, cross-lingual question answering, discourse in machine translation Personal page
Jindra Helcl Non-autoregressive machine translation  
eHealth research, qualitative methods, health informatics  
Adam Jenkins
Usable security and privacy, phishing
Ondrej Klejch Learning to Adapt: Meta-Learning Approaches for Speaker Adaptation Personal page
Jonathan Kilgour    
Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone Machine Translation and Neural Networks. Personal page
Davide Moltisanti
Computer vision, video understanding, action recognition, visual grounding, semantics analysis
Laura Perez    
Sukanta Sen Machine translation Personal page
Richard Tobin Text mining, geoparsing, XML tools and pipelines for text processing   Personal page
Cassia Valentini-Botinhao Listener/Environment-adaptive HMM Speech Synthesis. Personal page
Xinnou Xu Language Generation (including structured-data-to-text generation, summarization, dialogue generation) Personal page