Research staff & postdocs

Most of these staff members are employed on projects headed by an academic or senior research staff member; some work on their own independent projects and in a few cases may supervise PhD students.


Member Interests Personal page
Youssef Al Hariri    
Lorena Aldana

Audio-visual speech enhancement, intelligibility and quality evaluation of speech, sonification and multimedia healthcare applications. 

Personal page
Nikolay Bogoychev    
Shubham Chatterjee    
Simran Chopra    
Elaine Farrow Intelligent tutoring systems, multi-modal interaction, dialogue systems, health informatics, digital personhood, and feedback generation.  
Ondrej Klejch Learning to Adapt: Meta-Learning Approaches for Speaker Adaptation Personal page
Emile van Krieken Neurosymbolic Learning, Generative Modelling, Learning with Background Knowledge Personal page
Tsz Kin Lam    
Xue Li    
Louis Mahon    
Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone Machine Translation and Neural Networks. Personal page
Yumnah Mohamied    
Graeme Nail    
Laura Perez    
Tadeg Quillien    
Richard Tobin Text mining, geoparsing, XML tools and pipelines for text processing   Personal page
Cassia Valentini-Botinhao Listener/Environment-adaptive HMM Speech Synthesis. Personal page
Jelmer Van Der Linde    
Electra Wallington    
Dan Wells    
Yijun Yang