Research staff & postdocs

Most of these staff members are employed on projects headed by an academic or senior research staff member; some work on their own independent projects and in a few cases may supervise PhD students.


Member Interests Personal page
Stefanos Angelidis Weakly-supervised learning for opinion summarization, sentiment analysis, text generation Personal page
Mattias Appelgren Interactive Task Learning, Human Robot Interaction, Symbol Grounding Personal page
Matthew Crosby   Personal page
Sara Dalziel-Job Task-based social interaction with virtual humans Personal page
Nicola De Cao (semi-)supervised and unsupervised deep neural network applications in combination with reasoning and reinforcement methods Personal page
Aciel Eshky    
Elaine Farrow Intelligent tutoring systems, multi-modal interaction, dialogue systems, health informatics, digital personhood, and feedback generation.  
Ulrich Germann    
Liane Guillou Knowledge graph extraction, cross-lingual question answering, discourse in machine translation Personal page
Jonathan Kilgour    
Thomas Kober Temporal semantics, distributional semantics, distributional composition, textual entailment  
Yevgen Matusevych Computational cognitive modeling, bilingualism, language acquisition, speech perception Personal page
Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone Machine Translation and Neural Networks. Personal page
Laura Perez    
Sam Ribeiro Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Machine Learning, and Prosody Personal page
Korin Richmond Speech synthesis and the relationship between the articulatory and acoustic domains. Personal page
Sukanta Sen Machine translation Personal page
Miloš Stanojević Formal language theory, incremental syntactic parsing, structured prediction, machine learning for NLP Personal page
Richard Tobin Text mining, geoparsing, XML tools and pipelines for text processing   Personal page
Cassia Valentini-Botinhao Listener/Environment-adaptive HMM Speech Synthesis. Personal page
Oliver Watts Speech synthesis; unsupervised learning and language-independent techniques for text-to-speech conversion. Personal page
Philip Williams Statistical machine translation. Personal page
Steve Wilson

Computational Social Science, ethical implications of AI/NLP technology and AI education

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