PhD students

PhD students take part in research projects in various areas, working towards their degree.

Ibrahim Abu Farha Sarcasm Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Arabic NLP Personal page
Sara Albakry Human-computer interaction, human factors of security and privacy  
Q&A platforms, information retrieval, privacy, anonymity  
Youssef Akram Al Hariri Social Computing Personal page
Mousa Al Rawahi    
Mohamed Bahgat Knowledge Representation, Question Answering, Deep Learning  
Anil Batra Video and Language Understanding Personal page
Leveraging monolingual data in machine translation
Sander Bijl de Vroe

Computational Semantics, Relation Extraction, Machine Learning

Personal page
Arthur Brazinskas

Opinion Summarisation, variational inference, Bayesian machine learning

Personal page
Laurie Burchell Data filtering and augmentation for low-resource machine translation Personal page
Agostina Calabrese Cross-Domain Explainable Abuse Detection Personal page
Ronald Cardenas Summarisation Personal page
Matt Chapman Rounds (CDT) Bayesian models of inattentional blindness, and task-driven attention Personal page
Patrick Chen Neural machine translation, parallel sentence mining Personal page
Sandrine Chausson Applied NLP, Computational Social Science, Climate Change discourse  
Gautier Dagan Interactive learning, multimodal learning and representation learning Personal page
Verna Dankers Compositional generalisation of neural networks  
Vision and Language
Stephanie Droop Bayesian causal modelling, social inference, theories of mechanistic explanation  
Denis Emelin Non-literal machine translation, commonsense reasoning, model architecture, and natural language understanding Personal page
Matus Falis Document Classification, Medical NLP  
Elaine Farrow Natural language processing and machine learning applied to educational technology Personal page
Lauren Fletcher Language evolution, developmental language disorders and cognitive modelling  
Nicola De Cao Interpretability, Entity Linking, Question Answering, Graph Neural Networks Personal page
Marcio Fernandes De Moraes Fonseca Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Summarisation Personal page
Yao Fu Semantics, Structured Prediction, Generation, Machine Learning Personal page
Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant Multilingual NLP, Fairness and Transparency Personal page
Avashna Govender Speech synthesis, speech perception and machine learning Personal page
Matt Grenander Natural language understanding, discourse, coreference resolution Personal page
Andreas Grivas Structured prediction, Information extraction Personal page
Shangmin Guo    
Explainable AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Conversational Agents
Personal page
Coleman Haley Morphology and neurosymbolic computation; deep learning systems as cognitive models Personal page
Lucy Havens Natural language processing for bias detection, data visualization, digital humanities Personal page
Serhii Havrylov Unsupervised learning, emergence of language, structure induction Personal page
Zack Hodari Speech synthesis, machine learning, prosody modelling, expressive SPSS Personal page
Tom Hosking Natural language generation, in particular question generation Personal page
Chentian Jiang Active causal learning and transfer learning in both  Personal page
Dilara Kekulluoglu Privacy on Social Media, Computational Social Science, Natural Language Processing Personal page
Amr Keleg
Arabic dialectology, Low resourced dialects
Low-resource machine translation
NLP for Turkish, automatic analysis of data from cognitive tasks  
Tianyi Li Semantic Parsing, Entailment Relations  
Yuanchao Li Spoken language processing, multimodal machine learning, affective computing, human-computer interaction, digital health Personal page
Matthias Lindemann Induction of syntactic and semantic structure, parsing, grounding Personal page
Oli Liu Computational modeling for language acquisition Personal Page
Chau Luu   Personal page
Florian Mathis
Virtual reality, usable security and privacy, authentication
Kate McCurdy   Personal page
Nick McKenna Semantics, machine learning, and entailment Personal page
Computational Humor, NLP, Social Science
Nicole Meng
Privacy and consent in relation to smart speakers
Vidminas Mikucionis Natural language processing, data mining, document search, and knowledge graphs. Minor: game research, software bots, simulations, and educational games. Personal page
Nikita Moghe   Personal page
Elizabeth Nielsen
Prosody and information structure
Personal page
Johannah O'Mahony Prosodic Modelling, context-aware synthesis, prosodic entrainment  
Arturo Oncevay
Typology and Machine Translation
Embeddings, Structure Induction, Explainable AI

Silviu Oprea  (CDT)

Computational sarcasm detection, generation and interpretation Personal page
Proyag Pal Low-resource machine translation, multilingual models Personal page
Jay Park XAI, embodied NLU, Interactive Task LearningInteractive task learning, grounded semantics, explainable AI  
Katarzyna Pruś    
Tadeg Quillien Causal cognition, evolutionary game theory, commonsense psychology, computational cognitive science Personal page
Duncan Reid Managing Death in the Context of an Digital Society  
Alexander Robertson    
Amy Rodger Gamification, Child-centred design, Behaviour change  
Rimvydas Rubavicius Computational Semantics and Pragmatics, Interactive Task Learning  
Ramon Sanabria
Unsupervised speech word segmentation
Personal page
Nicholas Sanders Speech synthesis; prosody modelling  
Sukanta Sen Machine translation Personal page
Sarah Schöttler Information visualisation, geographic visualisation Personal page
Tom Sherborne
Semantic parsing, cross lingual NLU, meta learning
Personal page
Siqi Sun Speech Synthesis; Front-end TTS processing  
Jason Taylor Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis and Pronunciation Mining Personal page
Simon Valentin Causal inference, active learning and probabilistic program induction Personal page
Emelie Van De Vreken Speech Synthesis; Analysis and Modelling of Emotions in Speech  
Pauliina Vuorinen Informatics and psychology, detailed tracking of recreational and academic e-reading behaviour, motivation, electronic experience Personal page
Data Augmentation, low-resource machine translation
Sarenne Wallbridge Leverage information encoded in the audio channel of our speech to better understand the semantics of fluent (and disfluent) human communication Personal page
Bailin Wang Semantic parsing, builing natural language interface with weak supervisions   Personal page
Mengyu Wang Text-based financial prediction  
Sabine Weber Semantics, machine learning and knowledge graphs  
Dan Wells Speech synthesis for low-resource languages Personal page
David Wilmot Multimodal understanding/generation of Narratives  
Yumo Xu Cross-lingual Summarization Personal page
Gene-Ping Yang Speech representation learning, automatic speech recognition  
Speech representation learning, automatic speech recognition
Yanpeng Zhao Structured Prediction and Latent Variable Models Personal page
Zheng Zhao Discourse analysis, Summarization Personal page
Hao Zheng
Semantic Parsing, Compositional Generalization