School Curriculum Approval Officer

Information on the School Curriculum Approval Officer role.

The School Curriculum Approval Officer (SCAO) is responsible for validating the relationship between individual student study and the various Informatics degree programmes.

  • SCAO considers all requests for individual students to take courses and course combinations which diverge from those set out in the University Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study.

  • The SCAO has power to grant concessions for such variations, where appropriate.

  • SCAO oversees the Degree Programme Tables for Informatics, to ensure they remain consistent with University regulations and to implement decisions of the Informatics Board of Studies.

The authority to grant concessions is formally delegated to SCAO from the Head of the College of Science and Engineering. Requests for concessions are made by Directors of Studies, or the Senior Director of Studies, on behalf of the students themselves.

The SCAO also serves as the Regulations Expert for each Board of Examiners in the School.