Intranet migration to SharePoint

Some changes are being made to the School intranet (InfWeb), as part of migration to a new SharePoint Hub.

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To streamline our support process and ensure your queries are addressed promptly and by the appropriate team member, any assistance you need related to the SharePoint migration should be directed to Narmin Mammadova, Strategic Projects Manager. Please reach out with any issues, concerns, or missing content that you encounter, and Narmin will ensure that your queries are redirected to the relevant SharePoint Champions or support staff accordingly.

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What is the new SharePoint intranet?  

Professional services staff have been working hard to review and update content on our intranet.  This is a large project and content is being moved from InfWeb to our new SharePoint Hub in three phases over the remainder of this academic year. 

What changes will you see? 

Pages on InfWeb will disappear gradually where the content is now on SharePoint.  There will be redirects to our new Informatics SharePoint Hub, and relevant content will be maintained on SharePoint in the future. 

Why SharePoint? 

SharePoint is a platform that is now commonly used across the University. The searchability of SharePoint is better than that of the University CMS (on which InfWeb is built). We are also now giving content owners (professional services teams) responsibility for the management of the information they own by nominating SharePoint Champions within each team, so it will be easier to maintain content.

An additional driver for migration of our intranet is a larger University project to update the University CMS (‘EdWeb’) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 (scheduled to occur by January 2025) whereby we would have had to migrate all content from InfWeb to new CMS anyway. We have taken this opportunity to untangle internal content from the content aimed at external audiences, create a bona fide Intranet for Informatics, look at how we can make it easy for content to be updated, and improve the ability to search for information.

What is currently on the SharePoint Hub?

Migration has been completed on information about HR, Finance, Research Services, Health and Safety, School Committees, Policies, Facilities, Operations, and Communications and Marketing. Further sections will migrate in due course and we will keep you posted on the progress.

Every site has a SharePoint champion assigned to it. The SharePoint Champion from each team is responsible for maintaining content on their section of the Hub and should be contacted if you want to request any changes.

How do I access the SharePoint Hub?

At this stage, the best way to get to the new Hub is via the existing InfWeb pages.  As noted above, links will direct you to SharePoint when InfWeb content is deleted and the SharePoint pages are live.   Or, if you are really keen to see the SharePoint Hub here is a link:

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Can't find what you're looking for?

If there’s any content you think is missing from InfWeb and you can’t find it on the new SharePoint Hub, please email web updates:

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