Quantum Informatics Doctoral Programme: Registration of Interest

The training programme targets three research challenges with a strong focus on end user impact: (i) quantum service architecture concerns how to design quantum networks and devices most usefully; (ii) scalable quantum software is about feasible application at scale of quantum technology and its integration with other software; and (iii) quantum application analysis investigates how quantum technology can be used most advantageously to solve end user problems. The programme offers a fully funded intensive 4-year training and research programme that equips students with the skills needed to tackle the research challenges of quantum informatics. The programme includes bespoke training by the National Quantum Computing Centre, and the opportunity to work with over 30 industry partners. Graduates will be able to integrate quantum hardware with high-performance computing, design effective quantum software, and apply this in a societally meaningful way. The Centre will not admit new students till 2025/26, recruitment will open later this year.

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