Small devices for loan

There are several small devices available for loan such as mobile phones, tablets, IoT gadgets, RF Hacking Kit etc.

Several staff have obtained small devices for research and student projects, particularly for security and privacy related investigations. These include a range of mobile phones, tablets, fitness devices, smart bathroom scales and other health monitors, Internet and wireless connected cameras, thermostats, lightbulbs and switches. Additional routers, electronics prototyping kit and development boards are available for experimental investigations of wireless transmission/hacking (WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee etc) and sensor construction.

Also available to borrow: Activ8rlives body analyser Bluetooth smart scales, Withings 'body cardio' heart health and body composition scales, Choice wireless scale, KIWIBIRD, Withings wake up and sound system, smarter wifi kettle.

To ask about availability, please contact the Level 3or Level 4  Admin Offices.