2 months before submission

What is required of you to do two months before dissertation submission.

Notice of intention to submit your dissertation

Two months before you intend to submit your dissertation for examination you are required to notify the School Office and College Office by completing and submitting two forms.

The following Intention to Submit forms should be completed and submitted to the Informatics Graduate School Office (Room 3.42, Informatics Forum). Alternatively you can submit these digitally to igs@inf.ed.ac.uk. The staff will then send the forms to the College Office (Weir Building, King's Buildings).  Please read the important notes on how to complete the forms; if the forms are completed incorrectly it will delay the examination process:

Number of Copies Needed Form Important Notes on Completing the Form
1 Notice of Intention to Present a Thesis for Examination You must remember to sign this form.  
1 Abstract of Thesis

This must be completed on one side of A4 only (see Example Abstract Form).

Please note, if the abstract does not initially fit on the form, the form can be reformatted (i.e. the size of the font can be changed and unnecessary lines deleted) - see Reformatted Abstract Form.

Do not need to worry if your abstract may be subject to change, the current abstract should be submitted so that the Nomination of Examiner process can begin soonest.  The final version of the abstract should be submitted with the final copies of the thesis.



On receipt of these forms, the College Office will contact the School Office to ask them to begin the official Nomination of Examiners procedure.  This procedure can take a month or two so it is important that the Intention to Submit forms are submitted as soon as possible.

Nomination of Examiners procedure

It is your responsibility to ensure the College Office have an up-to-date mailing address for you so they can send your Corrections letter and Award letter to you. The College Office will use the mailing address that is listed on your EUCLID record listed as 'contact/ term-time address'. If this address is not correct then it is your responsibility to update this information. You can do so via the Student Personal Details channel on MyEd. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this:

Change Student Record Details

Your submission deadline

*Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic all PGR students should submit their thesis electronically until further notice. For information on this process please click here .


Your submission deadline is visible on your My Ed portal; you must submit your dissertation to the College Office on or before your deadline date. 

In very rare circumstances, if you think you will need longer to complete your dissertation contact your supervisor and the Informatics Graduate School immediately.  They will organise the request for an extension to your deadline.  Extension requests must be approved by the Director of Graduate School and the College of Science and Engineering College Office.  Students will be charged a Continuation Fee for extensions, which are calculated per month.  Please note, you may also need an extension to your Visa; you should contact Edinburgh Global.


Continuation fee

Edinburgh Global

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