Coursework, assessment & feedback

An overview of coursework, assessment & feedback.


Most courses in Informatics involve some assigned coursework. This takes various forms, such as regular homework sheets, directed reading to prepare for lectures, or more formal assessed exercises.

The aim of this coursework is to help you learn about the subject you are studying. As such, you are expected to complete it to the best of your ability, and this is a requirement for full participation in courses. For example, if a tutorial is based on a piece of assigned work, then all students are expected to attempt the work before the tutorial; and if you have not then you may be sent away to do so.

Coursework submission is either by hand to the ITO mailbox at Appleton Tower Level 6, or electronically using the submit command.

Deadlines are usually 4pm; but you must always check as individual assignments may differ. Late coursework is not accepted without good reason and specific authorisation from the Year Organiser. In some cases, late work may be assessed for feedback only; it will not receive a mark.

For further information about individual arrangements for each course, see the appropriate year guide and course website.

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More formal kinds of coursework may be assessed and may also count towards your final grade in a course. For most courses, the major form of assessment is through a final exam, and the exact balance between exams and coursework will be listed on individual course web pages.

Where marked coursework is given a grade, this will follow the University of Edinburgh Common Marking Scheme which maps a percentage mark into an alphabetical grade from A to H.

Marked coursework is usually returned within 10 working days of submission, although this may be different for particular pieces of work: for example if the work is substantial, such as an extended essay; or the class is very large. You can usually collect your marked work from the ITO; in some cases it may be distributed in lectures or tutorials, or sent out by email.

The Informatics Teaching Office will always send an email after coursework has been marked, telling you the marks for all work so far on that course.

Common marking scheme

Coursework feedback

As a student you will usually receive marks and feedback on Informatics coursework within 15 working days of submission. Arrangements may be different for particular pieces of work: for example if the work is substantial, such as an extended essay; or the class is very large.

You can find out for any piece of coursework when it will be returned, any criteria for assessment, and the nature and timing of feedback provided. If this is information is not on the course web site or in the coursework documentation, then ask your lecturer or tutor directly. Please inform the ITO if you find these targets are being missed on any course.

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