Enrichment Plan

In addition to the teaching and learning students can expect to receive, the School of Informatics aims to support its students in a range of activities similar to those provided by other areas of the University, including EUSA. Such activities will augment student experience and ensure that our student opportunities are distinctive.

Top of Appleton Tower

Key information for studying and supporting study

The University endeavours to make as much information available as possible to students. Within informatics, year 1 pre arrival information is delivered via intern from the beginning of June to all incoming taught and research students. Week 0 and 1 focuses on courses and timetables, week 2 and 3 on pastoral elements, e.g. learning adjustments, special circs etc.

Handbooks for each year group can be found here including all the key information needed for studies.

Student section on the ITO website

Careers support

We have a range of industrial partners who assist the School in arranging sample technical interviews for honours/ PGT students to give experience of real world scenarios.

The School also is working with the careers service to give access to companies to hold recruitment/ industrial talks.

Midway through semester 1 each year, the School will invite expressions of interest from the student body who wish to take part in professional preparation.

Travel Fund

The School of Informatics has made funds available to support students’ travel to attend activities related to their programme of study. Trips are usually undertaken during the summer break however applications for any event can be made throughout the year.

School travel fund

Coffee mornings with staff

To give access to students to have informal time with the academic staff, student support offices and other key members of the School (with name badges) who students don’t have informal access to.

Society funding and support

To continue to invest in student initiatives and societies to allow them to be involved with focussed areas of interest. The School provides facilities for Tardis and other student groups. ISS also uses its University position when working with companies to ensure the best deals for societies. Promotion and support of Programming Club, InfPALS, INFBase to support (enrich) student learning.



Explore Scotland

The School is working with local tourism companies to provide opportunities for students to be encouraged to explore outside of Edinburgh. Many students find that by the time they have finished, they haven’t fully explored some of the local highlights, accessible from Edinburgh.

Social Media

The School runs and maintains active year specific groups on Facebook alongside an overall Informatics page. This has now become the most active way to engage with students. We also have an Instagram account, with input from both staff and students.

School of Informatics' Instagram

School of Informatics' Facebook

Informatics staff and students rep meeting blog

Facebook groups

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There are a range of funding options including woman in informatics and PGT scholarships to help students with their costs of study.

Women in Informatics Scholarship