BoE timetable

The board of examiners meetings session for the current year.

Informatics courses are examined across three exam diets; therefore there are three sets of BoE meetings.

Please click on the following links for details of these meetings:

End of Semester 1 Exams [INF1, INF2, DMMR, VUG and selected S1 exams] BoE January 2023
End of Semester 2 Exams [INF1, INF2 and all courses taught to 3rd, 4th, 5th & MSc students] BoE June 2023

Resit Exams [INF1, INF2, DMMR and UG3 courses where necessary] and

MSc Stage 1 (Dissertation) and Final Award Meetings [Following examination of MSc Dissertation]

BoE Aug-Oct 2023

In order to avoid confusion, staff should be familiar with which meetings they are required to attend:

Special circumstances (SCC) meetings

The Special Circumstances Form and related documents/policies can be found on the College of Science and Engineering Taught Student Administration wiki:

CSE taught student administration wiki

UG Non-Honours (UG1 and UG2) Non-Honours Convenor, Year Organisers, Regulations Expert and ITO.
UG3 UG3 Convenor, Year Organiser, Regulations Expert and ITO.
UG4/5 UG4/5 Convenor, Year Organisers, Projects Organiser (if req'd), Regulations Expert and ITO.
MSc MSc Convenor, Year Organiser, Projects Organiser (if req'd), Regulations Expert and ITO.

Board of Examiner (BoE) and Progression meetings

UG Non-Honours Internal scrutiny meeting Non-Honours Convenor, Year Organisers and Course Lecturers.

UG Non-Honours BoE Meeting:

- Stage 1 [Courses]

Non-Honours Convenor, Year Organisers, Course Lecturers, Regulations Expert and ITO.

UG Non-Honours BoE Meeting:

- Stage 2 [Progression]

Non-Honours Convenor, Non-Honours Year Organisers, Senior Personal Tutor, Student Progression Officer, Regulations Expert and ITO

UG3, UG4, UG5 & MSc Final BoE Meetings:

- Stage 1 [Courses]  

- Stage 2 [Programme & Progression]

Convenors, Year Organiser/s, Projects Organiser (if req'd), Degree Programme Coordinator (for Hons Boards), Course Lecturers, Regulations Expert and ITO.

*All Lecturers are invited to view their course Board report before the Stage 1 [Courses] meetings.

*UG3 Year Organiser and UG3 Convenor of BoE from the preceding academic year should attend the UG4 BoE meetings.

*MSc Convener should attend the UG4 Stage 1 [Courses] Meeting, due to large numbers of MSc students taking these courses. 

Non-Honours = UG1 and UG2

Honours = UG3, UG4, UG5