Meet your programme welcome events

Essential induction events

Each degree programme has its own "Meet Your Programme" event during Welcome Week.  These events are essential and you must attend. The online events will be run by the Programme Director and will provide programme specific information. It's an opportunity to meet other students on your programme and ask any questions you might have about your programme. All the events will be notified to you  


​   Computer Science MSc induction - Meet your programme  link TBC

​  Cognitive Science MSc - Meet your programme - link TBC

​   Data Science MSc - Meet your programme - induction event - link TBC

​  Artificial Intelligence MSc - Meet your programme - link TBC

Design /Advanced Design Informatics MSc -Meet your programme  - no presentation available - link TBC


Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc - Meet your programme - link TBC


Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust MSc - Meet your programme - link TBC


To access all welcome events, please activate LEARN and log-in to course 'Informatics Events'