Programme overview

About your year 3 programme.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your course selection is correct. By the end of week 1 of semester 1 you are required to submit an initial choice of the courses you intend to take during the year. Visit our course registration page.

If you wish change any choice, it is your responsibility to notify your Personal Tutor. Course changes for semester 1 can be made until the end of week 2. Course changes for semester 2 can be made until the end of week 2, semester  In week 5, of each semester your choices will become final, and will be used by Registry to timetable your exams. (You will be reminded near the time.)  The choice of courses is stored on EUCLID, which you can access through the MyEd Edinburgh Student Portal.

Some timetable clashes for combined honours students are unavoidable, thereby restricting choice somewhat: note that the University will not permit students to take courses that clash in the timetable.

Although the regulations permit some flexibility, there may be cases where a student has a good reason to want to take a curriculum outwith the regulations (for example, a single honours student wishing to take a 20 point outside course). In this case, permission should be sought from the Director of Teaching. Such permission will not necessarily be granted, and is formally at the discretion of the Head of College.

Ordinary degrees

For every Honours degree (Single or Combined, but not `with'), there is a corresponding `Ordinary Degree in a Designated Discipline'. This degree is a BSc even if the Honours degree is a BEng. The rules for Ordinary Degrees are complex. In general, ordinary degree students follow the same curriculum in third year as the corresponding honours degree. The 2022-23 College UG Regulations require 360 credits, which must be as for Honours in the DPT, but without elevated hurdles and allowing resits. Ordinary degree students who do not intend to follow the Honours curriculum should check with their PT that their choices are acceptable.

Hons and MSc degree requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you have selected meet with the requirements of your degree.  

  • Degree Requirements - MSc (AI, CS, CG and Informatics)
  • PATH Informatics pages - An online resource designed to make interpreting the DPT and choosing courses easier.

A complete list of Informatics degrees is also available using the University's DRPS. Please refer to the appropriate section in the relevant course guide:

Who do I contact if I have a query or need to talk to someone?

If you have any questions at all concerning the release of your final award/classification result or need to talk to someone about your result please contact your Personal Tutor or Year Organiser:

UG3 Year Organiser - Steve Tonneau []

In the event that you cannot reach your any of them please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation.

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