Programme overview

An overview of your programme of study.

Year 5 overview

Year 5 (UG5) refers to the 5th year of undergraduate students on the MInf degree programme.  

The MInf degree programme table (DPT) is the ultimate guide for UG5 students; it outlines what they ought to do in terms of courses and project. Briefly, UG5 students need to take courses worth 80 credit points with the other 40 points coming from the MInf Project Part 2 (MIP2). Note that UG5 students are allowed to take only Level 11 courses. Of the 80 credit points on courses that is required, at least 70 points should come from Informatics Level 11 courses (from among those listed in the MInf DPT); up to 10 credit points of that requirement can be met from an external Level 11 course.

Hons and MSc degree requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you have selected meet with the requirements of your degree.  

  • Degree Requirements - MSc (AI, CS, CG and Informatics)
  • PATH Informatics pages - An online resource designed to make interpreting the DPT and choosing courses easier.

A complete list of Informatics degrees is also available using the University's DRPS. Please refer to the appropriate section in the relevant course guide:

Who do I contact if I have a query or need to talk to someone?

If you have any questions at all concerning the release of your final award/classification result or need to talk to someone about your result please contact your Year Organiser or Personal Tutor:

UG5 Year Organiser - Walid Magdy []

In the event that you cannot reach your Year Organiser please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation.