Release of degree programme and progression results

Information on when you will get your results.

The following dates are the University deadlines for publication of results. All Schools will have published results to students by these dates, though some may be earlier:

Key dates

How will I find out my results?

All marks are provisional until they are ratified by the relevant Board of Examiners.

Progression results

An automated email will be sent to your University email account when the progression decision is available. This email will contain a link to the page where the progression decision and further information can be viewed.

Final Degree Awards

An automated email will be sent to your University email account when the final result is available. This email will contain a link to the page where the final result can be viewed. This will be the sole route for release of results. 

Further information

For information on how the final results of your courses and overall degree programme are determined, please see the assessment decisions page.

For information on how your degree classification is calculated and guidance about progression decisions, please see the progression guidance page.

If you have questions concerning the release of your results or need to talk to someone about your results please contact your Student Adviser in the first instance. If you are unable to speak to your Student Adviser please contact the Student Support team:

Please note that Board of Examiners have discretion within certain boundaries; details are available in the Taught Assessment Regulations.  General regulations and degree programme information can be found in the University Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study.

Further information for 2023 during the Marking and Assessment Boycott

Many courses have been affected by the marking and assessment boycott (MAB), this means that for some students some of your final course marks are not available. 

  • In cases where assessment is missing, your progression and award results have been calculated including a mark of zero for the missing assessment, for example where an exam has not been marked.  Where one marker has taken part in MAB but the other has not, a partial mark has been used. These calculated course marks form the minimum evidence of achievement for the Board of Examiners to make progression and award decisions.
  • For some courses there is sufficient information from existing assessment marks for Boards of Examiners to know that you have passed the course, but without being able to confirm the final course mark >40.  For such courses, final marks are unavailable and cannot be confirmed by the Board or published. However, the Boards of Examiners can use this knowledge of courses you have passed to make decisions on progression as they contribute to the 120 credits required for each year of study.  You can see your provisional course work marks in Learn and/or your MyEd Student record.
  • Where Boards of Examiners are satisfied that there is sufficient information available to make a reasonable and robust decision on progression or award they will do so.  To ensure the decision is robust where some marks are missing, the existing overall course marks are used as a baseline. Modelling maximum possible scores for missing assessment allows the Board to determine if it's mathematically possible for a student to progress or increase classification.  In a small number of cases where the minimum and maximum calculations are below and above a classification boundary, it may not possible to determine the award classification at this time.  In these cases a provisional unclassified award will be made.  Once the marks affected by MAB are available, the Board will reconvene to finalise your award classification.
  • Where a robust decision is not possible as a result of MAB or as a result of Special Circumstances or as a result of missing compulsory courses required for the degree, the progression or award decision has to be deferred.  *NEW* (20th June) Until such time as your final degree award is confirmed, the University is able to provide a Letter of Completion. This document can be sent to employers or other institutions to clarify what marks you have received so far and the courses for which marks are still pending.
  • For the accredited BEng Computer Science programme, external requirements in years 3 and 4 mean that normal accreditation rules apply as per the Degree Programme Table.