Databases and Data Management

Course options and guidance for the Databases and Data Management topic area

What will I learn from courses in this topic?

Courses span a range from those focusing on algorithms for dealing with big data, to theoretical analysis of database systems and practical approaches for dealing with distributed data. Students who focus mainly on this topic will be brought up to speed with the latest technology in Database Science and in the analysis of complex databases (in particular big data) and will be exposed to research active areas in the field. Many of the courses in this area are also appropriate as stand-alone options for students focusing mainly in the related topic areas listed at the bottom of the page.

What courses are available?

Level 11 (MSc) courses

Semester 1:

Semester 2:

Level 10 courses

ECA courses

Related topics

This topic can be naturally combined with courses from some other topics, for example to allow:

  • studying programming languages and formal methods, which are used to provide stronger, more reliable foundations for systems;
  • studying data-driven methods for learning and mining, which are used, for example, for e-crime detection, intrusion detection and malware classification.
  • studying  distributed systems and databases, where security issues may arise.

The most relevant related course topics are listed below.

Computer Systems & High-Performance Computing

Cyber Security & Privacy

Machine Learning

Software Engineering