Human-Computer Interaction and Design

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What will I learn from courses in this topic?

These courses teach you about both theoretical and practical aspects of a human-centreed approach to designing computer software, systems, and interfaces. You will learn about to design systems with users in mind, and how to evaluate existing systems for their usability.

HCI and design are an important aspect of Software Engineering, and can also be important in Data Science, where data may need to be collected from users or presented to them in an understandable way. These courses are also relevant for Cognitive Science, since they study the interactions between human cognition and computer systems.

What background is typically needed?

Courses in this area typically require less programming and maths background than most other courses in Informatics. However, they often require a different kind of thinking and working than you might be used to if your main background is technical. For example, you may be asked to consider different design possibilities, reason about and discuss the pros and cons, or practice working with users. Several of these courses require group discussion or group work.

What courses are available?

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