Application Stage 1 and ID verification

Information for the first stage of Teaching Support Provider application - Application 1 and Right to Work Verification

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Much of the information here remains correct, but some areas require updating. If you have any questions about current processes, please contact Teaching Support using the button below, or visit the Teaching Support Team on Level 6 of Appleton Tower.

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Application Process - Stage 1

  • Students must submit a new version of this form annually (for each session) to update their skills and experience.
  • Please complete the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form in the first instance. This form acts as a Curriculum Vitae (CV)  and provides us with the information we need to generate any future Teaching Support contract, as well as giving the recruiting academic some more detailed information about your skills, experience and work preferences.


Potential Applicants that do not submit their (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form will not appear on any lists that lecturers use to interview and select appointees.  If the lecturers cannot see you on the list, they cannot hire you.

  • You must supply your National Insurance Number on the form above.  If you do not have a National Insurance Number, please organise to get one from HMRC The process to obtain a National Insurance Number can take between 4-6 weeks. Please note, the University of Edinburgh cannot request or obtain this number for you.  
  • As soon as you have completed the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form:

    • you may then complete Application Stage 2
    • Have your ID and Right to Work checks verified - the sooner this is completed, the faster appointment can be


Verification - a legal requirement

Before you can be appointed to a Teaching Support role, you MUST email a photocopy scan or clear photograph of your ID documentation and arrange a video call with Informatics Student Services Room to review your Identification Documentation and confirm your identity over video.  Electronic copies AND a video link verification with ISS are usually sufficient to set you up with a contract, you do not have to provide these in person at any point.


Please follow the guide below when submitting your ID and documents for verification;


 You MUST provide electronic copies of the following documents

Current and Valid Passport (front cover, back cover, and photo page)

Recently Expired Passport (UK Nationals only)

EEA/Swiss National ID Card (EEA/Swiss Nationals only)

Home Office Positive Verification Certificate (EEA/Swiss Nationals only)

Visa/Other Supporting Documentation (if you are a non-UK citizen. This includes, but not limited to, Biometrics Residence Permit - online versions only from the Home Office))

National Insurance Number (if applying for one from the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), to provide application reference number and then actual NIN once available).

In order to comply with HR and UKVI regulations, you MUST NOT start work until your ID has been verified by the Teaching Support Administrator or HR Team in relation to the work being applied for. 

This is separate from getting your ID checked for matriculation or getting your ID verified by the Immigration Compliance Team.

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