Invited speaker - 29/11/2022

Title:  Material-driven realization of 3D surfaces

Abstract: Many applications of geometry processing involve realizing, or fabricating, a 3D model designed using a modeling software. While the realization mechanisms are quite varied, many of the underlying mathematical constraints that allow a seamless transition from modeling to the realization of 3D models are similar across domains. Often, these mechanisms involve meshing, where an idealized smooth surface is sampled using discrete building blocks, such as planar panels, thin wires, or yarn stitches. In this talk we will survey the challenges of mesh realization using different materials, present solutions using discrete tangent vector fields, and demonstrate them in different applications.

Bio: Prof. Ben-Chen is an Associate Professor at the Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing of the CS Department at the Technion. She has received her Ph.D. from the Technion in 2009, was a Fulbright postdoc at Stanford from 2009-2012, and then started as an Assistant Prof. at the Technion in 2012.

Prof. Ben Chen is interested in modeling and understanding the geometry of shapes. She uses mathematical tools, such as discrete differential geometry, numerical optimization and harmonic analysis, for applications such as animation, shape analysis, fluid simulation on surfaces and computational fabrication.  Prof. Ben Chen has won an ERC Starting grant, the Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence, the Science Prize of the German Technion Society and multiple best paper awards.

Nov 29 2022 -

Invited speaker - 29/11/2022

Mirela Ben-Chen (Technion)

G.03, IF