About IPAB

Formed in 1998 the main activites of Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour are:

  • undertaking research into robotics, computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning and related topics
  • providing supervision and a research environment for the PhD/MPhil/MSc(Research) research students and annual MSc/UG4 student projects
  • hosting a weekly IPAB seminar/workshop and occasional Institute topical workshops

We are one of 6 research institutes within the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

Role and Focus

How can we link computational perception, representation, transformation and generation processes to external worlds? This is a key issue for 21st century Informatics, which we explore in both theory and practice. The domains include bio-mimetic robotics, computer-based visual perception, dynamic control of the interaction of robotic systems with their environment or each other, computer-based generation of external phenomena, such as images, music or actions, and agent-based interaction with other agents or humans, as in computer games and animation.