IPAB Seminar - 11/03/2021

Quantum Machine Learning in High Energy Physics

The High Energy Physics community has a long tradition of using machine learning  to solve specific tasks, in particular related to a more efficient selection of interesting events over the overwhelming background produced at colliders such as the LHC.  In the recent years, several studies have demonstrated the benefit of using deep learning techniques and building on these examples, many High Energy Physics experiments are now working on integrating deep learning into their workflows for different applications: from pattern recognition, to real-time selection of interesting collision events, to simulation and data analysis.

At the same time, quantum computing represents a most promising  breakthrough in computing technology. Today’s hardware has not yet reached the level at which it could be put into production but the number of R&D activities in terms of hardware, programming platforms, simulators and applications  increases both in the academic world and industry. 

Given both the potential and the uncertainty surrounding this domain, it is important to understand which of our activities could most benefit from quantum computing algorithms. In this context, CERN has created a Quantum Technology Initiative to understand the potential of quantum  technologies for High Energy Physics . 

This talk highlights the first generation of ideas that use quantum machine learning on problems in High Energy Physics and provide an outlook on future applications.


Bio: Dr. Sofia Vallecorsa is a CERN physicist with extensive experience on software development in the High Energy Physics domain. Dr. Vallecorsa coordinates the Quantum Computing area of the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, recently established. She is also responsible for Deep Learning and Quantum Computing research within CERN openlab (http://openlab.cern.ch) which is a unique public-private partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies.  Before joining openlab, Dr. Vallecorsa has been responsible for the development of Deep Learning based technologies for the simulation of particle transport through detectors at CERN and she has worked on code modernization projects in the field of Monte Carlo simulation. 

Mar 11 2021 -

IPAB Seminar - 11/03/2021

Dr Sofia Vallecorsa (CERN)

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